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    Check out the new god guide! Rune’s pantheon currently includes Odin, Hel, and Thor –  Freya and Loki will be available after Early Access. Learn what blessings they offer and what trade-offs you’ll have to choose between. Personally, I’ve been defaulting to Hel. Who’s gonna be in your corner?

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    Good news! I was looking forward to some info on religion and I have some questions and suggestions on it. Is this the right place to post them?

    I devoted to Hel too, most of the times. Sometimes Thor. She`s got 12 points total (yet her stamina is 1 point in-game, not two), Odin is 11 and Thor is 10. The choice is pretty much obvious.

    Thanks, HH! Keep up.

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    Nice! And definitely the right place for questions and suggestions – ask away! 🙂

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    So, here are the questions:

    What will we need to earn the favor? Is it regular XP points which we invest freely or some sort of Favor points specially for the blessings tree?

    What will we spend on blessings? Rune power? Gold? Favor points?

    Will there be ways to gain extra favor aside completing the story? Like optional challenges tributed to your god, sacrifices, defending or upgrading shrines, exploring the land and finding lore?

    Are there both permanent and temporary blessings?

    Are there curses which affect your stats?

    Will we need to appease Aegir for successful travel?

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    Now here are my thoughts on earning more favor. I don`t know yet what actions will it require yet, so I took the enemy elimination as an example:

    Thor. Its perfectly clear - youre the incarnation of brute force, so go brutal. Chop off the arm to the elbow – get +1, chop it again to the shoulder, get another. Dismember your enemies, beat them to death with bare hands, knock them down and finish them before they can recover, impale them to walls with spears, stick 2 foes on a single spear, split them in half with big blades, use the offensive and vital magic and Thor will be pleased.

    Freya. Fighting for her favor is pretty much opposite thing. Evade the attacks and hit the unprotected spots, attack from longer distances with bows and spears, use throwables when a good chance comes, receive the least damage possible, run and jump from them and around them like crazy, disorient them and drain their stamina, use the evasive and time-bending magic. Freya will proclaim you her Hero.

    Odin. The wisest and most perceptive all-knowing god will teach you the same. To earn his favor plan your approach from the unexpected direction, use the advantageous spots, don`t rush blindly into battle, surprise them and set chaos, separate enemy forces, use environments where they cannot surround or corner you, use tactical retreats to strengthen up. When the thing come up to direct combat, defend yourself well and hit them with counterattacks, use the perception and defensive magic. Show your enemies the superiority of tactics over quantity and Odin will reward you plenty.

    Hel wants her army of the Undead to grow larger and larger. If you pledge to her, focus on the most dishonoring elimination possible. Drown your enemies, poison and freeze them, kick them off cliffs, drop boulders on them, set traps, knock unaware foes them from behind and around corners, lure them into working machinery, hit them with throwables, use the stupefying and distracting magic. Remember, Hel and the sucker punches are your key to the goal.

    Loki as a master of manipulations will enjoy watching his plan working when someone else is doing it. You arent any worse so do it also. Distract your enemies and hit them in the back, turn the gangs against each other, bait them with animals, make people hit each other and giants hit people. Steal a ship and leave the foes on a frozen island or screw it up to drown it in a middle of their journey, or rig it with explosives, use the illusion and manipulative magic. And Loki himself wont understand who is actually manipulates whom.

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    My hometown is where Donar’s Oak stood before it was felled during christianization. Since Loki isn’t avaliable atm I devoted to Thor naturally 😀

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