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    RUNE II Update 1.1.14731 is now available for all players. This update resolves an issue causing main and side quest data to be reset after every time you go to the Vigrid Plain, as well as other issues.

    General Fixes:

    • Increased optimization on environment, graphics, sound, and engine.
    • Fixed an issue causing main and side quest data to be reset every time after the Vigrid Plain
    • Fixed some inconsistencies in weapon naming
    • Updated tooltips to state that campfires and vaults are the only things found in a built longhouse.

    Horde mode:

    • Increased Horde Mode cooldown timer from 10 minutes >> 20 minutes
    • Horde mode event now starts in cooldown.
      • This prevents players from being rushed immediately upon spawning into a village.

    Villages and Villagers:

    • Drastically increased the cooldown on villagers saying “HEY”. 
    • Added a vault to the forge. 


    • Fixed an issue where walking backward would cause jitter

    Known issues:

    • FOV may reset after god alignment. 
    • Keys cannot be rebound successfully if the target key is in use.
      • As a workaround, please make sure the key you want to rebind is not already being used.
    • Standing on the left side of an unbuilt farmhouse may cause players to become trapped in geometry once built. To unstuck yourself, fast travel out using a bifrost gate on your map.
    • Weapon icons may show incorrect elemental effects.
    • We are investigating a rare edge case issue where AMD processors may experience performance issues for a few moments.
    • May experience compatibility issues with old save files.
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    1) I can confirm the side-quest data is still lost upon exiting and re-entering the game world in multiplayer (even after the battle with Loki). Me and my wife created 2 new characters on the 1.1.14731 version – Europe-Coop5 server. My main issue is that the alignment for the gods is lost, also the side quest for that quest line. Even in the server menu it says on my character save “Alignment: None”.

    2) The completed side quests remain grayed out after the “reset” without the option to select them and you can retake and continue the quest chains (from 0 each quest chain again mind you) with the exception of the god quests witch was stated on point 1).

    Thank you !

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