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    Later today, RUNE II will receive update 1.0.73. All players will be required to close RUNE II to download this update. All hosted and rented server owners will need to restart their server client using the 1.0.73 version.

    Patch notes:
    • Fixed missing localization translations. RUNE II is now fully text localized into English, Spanish, German, French, Italian, and Russian.
    • Updated intro video.
    • Updated version number to 1.0.73.

    Due to the change in upload sources from Human Head’s build system to Ragnarok Game LLC’s build system, this patch is expected to be very large in filesize. Normally patches only update the files that were changed. However because this is Ragnarok’s first time uploading a build to the Epic Games Store servers, Epic is detecting RUNE II update 1.0.73 as closer to a brand new game instead of a smaller patch. Going forward, we expect patch sizes to be significantly reduced.

    Please report any bugs you find to the Bugs forum.

    Want to influence what’s going into our next patch? Make your voice heard on our official Discord server at

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    Hey Mitch checked out the new build if you remember i reported the intro movie and other in game movies wont work i was correct on the in game vids being corrupted…when i looked int he rune 2 directory in movie folder the new into shows the screen shot know when before it didnt…this is why there not working on win 7 systems is due to the vids being corrupted and on win 10 the windows mp4 codec is still playing them even though they are corrupted…

    Can you guys since you have the source files simply redo the in game videos just like you did the new intro
    to check that they are working simply stick video folder on win 7 pc setup look at the videos if there properly done and not corrupted theyl have screen pics on the vids and the windows codec will play them for mp4…if there blank like they are know they are corrupted and will only work on win 10

    This is not a hard fix to do and it should be fixed as the answer i got last time when i reported it was we dont offically support win 7…think you should look on steam store page what systems are supported

    Please fix this guys be nice to play the game and actually see the in game videso and not static sound playing with black screen

    I will post a pic on here from imagur to show what im mean that there corrupted and no screen pic on any of the videos except the main menu and know the new intro which is labeled startup video

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      Hi Draconus,

      RUNE II does not officially support Windows 7. I’m happy to ask about those media files. Thank you for alerting us about the specs on the Steam store page. I’ll let the team know those need to be updated to remove Windows 7.

      Thank you for reporting the infinitely spawning rocks. Can you show me your map screen so we can find that resource node?

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    Hey Mitch got a new bug right after staring a fresh game i even deleted my game save folder form older build

    In first area your tasked with collecting 5 ore well i did the rocks were fine started back again after leaving game and know both rocks in the area in pic litterly wont break and keep producing new chunks…i havent tested the other rocks but this wasnt in last build so why im reporting it

    Edit to this you can harvest them infinitly and theyl keep producing break chunks which will bog the entire game down

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      Mitch you have to be kidding me you guys have it on the steam store and how manny people bought this game because it was listed as supporting win 7…i took a screen shot if this company wants to be scummy like that i will post on every gaming site forum even reddit how much of a shame this whole thing is as any layer who owns win 7 is outa 30$ and if its being removed support wise you guys should give myself and everyone else who has copy there money back as support si being removed after release

      I bought this game for it having win 7 support as what the steam store page says and to remove it after the fact is scummy move …I will not support this game any further since Ragnorak does not care about the players who have win 7 pcs and fact game does support it as i can play the damn thing on my pc …to take that away after release is down right scummy move period just because you guys dont wants to be bothered fixing the in game videos

      You guys can go ahead and remove it on steam proof is in the pudding in the end,ive also asked a ton of other people to do the same take screen shots of the steam page and itl be on every damn gaming site period since people who spent there hard earned money on this is not worth a damn at all to devs

      You can go ahead and ban me on here as well for simply speaking up about this,ive already took pics of all convos,its wrong period to not care about people with win 7 and that too will be in all the posts on this including on reddit…have a good day im done with Rune 2

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      Hey Draconus,

      Previously the steam store was managed and updated by another team. When we updated our minimum spec requirements on September 16, 2019 (/topic/rune-ii-system-specifications-requirements/), we also updated it on the Epic Games Store page where RUNE II is currently sold and in our FAQ on these forums. I’ve been told that the Steam page for RUNE II has been updated today with our specs, as well as showing that we support English, Spanish, French, Italian, German, and Russian in subtitle and interface.

      To reiterate: RUNE II does not officially support Windows 7. Players on Windows 7 may still play RUNE II, but may encounter unexpected behavior. RUNE II has been available since November 12, 2019, and is exclusively sold on the Epic Games Store at this time.

      Additionally, I am not going to take any action against your account. I’m a bit confused as to why you would think that, as you have not violated any of our rules.

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