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    Since the in-game graphics options are not to most extensive (and in some cases weird,more on that later…)
    I decided to do some .ini tweaking to see if I can address some of my issues.
    The number one issue was the pitch black darkness in Loki Zones. It happens if you set shadows anything above mid. I liked the newly introduced misty fog effect but the mid shadows are really really ugly. Then I started digging, and luckily there’s an easy solution,by editing the scalability.ini file, under

    If the above issue bothers you too, and don’t mind the foggy new look,you might want to copy the text from the link into your scalability.ini and save it.

    That’s all! You can check out my comparison picture here

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    Tweaked mid shadows looks now look way better, and at almost no performance cost.But there’s still an issue…
    As it turns out some weather and water effects turn off below high shadows setting. It’s weird.
    That’s why I had to modify the high setting too, to keep the weather effects, and to get rid of the loki zone darkness.
    The epic setting is more demanding now, with sharper shadows.

    Hope you like it!
    Oh, and if you want to turn motion blur on, you can do that too, by modifying the engine.ini file in the same folder .
    Just copy paste the lines from paste UNDER THE EXISTING lines, and save:


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    Will there be Rune 2 multi-player maps and mods?

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    Hi, nice tweak! But for now it is unstable – I have game crash few times due to memory reasons. I have 6 Gb video memory and 32 Gb RAM. Should be enough, but no.

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