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    Hello! Welcome to the official forums for Rune II.

    The following are rules of conduct for these forums:

    1. Don’t be obnoxious – no racism, sexism, flaming, trolling, abuse, random tags, etc. Being excessively negative or “salty” will result in a strike. Spamming non-relevant messages or messages with the intent of raising a negative reaction will result in a ban.
      1. Please try not to flame other users. If a user is making you uncomfortable, please let a moderator know. Flaming often leads to more disagreement; making the situation more tense.
    2. Please keep all conversation in English. Discussing an aspect of another language is fine. Holding conversations in the other language is not.
    3. No NSFW Content: We have zero tolerance for NSFW content, and reading this rule will be considered your one and only warning. This includes, but is not limited to, profile pictures and usernames. If it’s unacceptable to do or view in a public place, you can’t post it here.
    4. No Advertising without Approval: Do not advertise other games here. Streams/YouTube/LFG posts are allowed but in moderation.
    5. No spamming. Just don’t do it.
      1. Spamming will result in an instant and permanent ban.
    6. No Hacks Links/Requests: Encouraging or giving instructions on how to hack the game is not allowed.
    7. No pirating talk. Encouraging or giving instructions on how to pirate games is not allowed and will result in a strike or instant ban.
    8. Impersonation of any other user or staff member is not allowed and will result in an immediate ban.
      1. Referral links are anything that claims you can get free things for referring other people. You will be punished immediately.
    10. No buying, selling, or trading are allowed in these forums. Messages involving any combination of the three will be removed.
    11. No religion. No politics.
    12. Any witch hunting and sharing personal information will not be tolerated.
    13. Follow the Terms of Service.
    14.  All rules are in effect at all times. Enjoy these forums!

    Community Managers and Moderators will enforce these rules and take appropriate action where required (ranging from a warning to a permanent ban depending on severity). Repeat offenders will be removed from the forums indefinitely.

    If you receive a warning from either a Community manager or a moderator – it’s not a big deal, it just means that you took things too far in this instance. Do not post about the warning publicly, even if the warning was made publicly.

    Moderation levels:
    Tier 1:

    • Post may be edited
      • Minor insults aimed at a moderator or user, including but not limited to: “idiot,” “moron,” “child,” “loser,” etc.
      • Mild profanity

    Tier 2:

    • Post may be deleted
      • Use of excessive profanity
      • Comment spamming (not bot)
      • Threads posted to the incorrect forum

    Tier 3:

    • Post will be deleted and user will face temporary suspension
      • Direct, aggressive personal insults
      • Moderately NSFW content
      • Witch hunting
      • Leaking exclusive founders content to general forums
      • Bot spam activity

    Tier 4:

    • Post will be deleted and user will face permanent suspension
      • Impersonation of a moderator or developer
      • Illegal content (copyright infringement, illegal pornographic content)
      • Excessive personal insults targeting a demographic of any kind / extreme harassment
      • Violent or threatening content
      • Pornography or highly NSFW content
      • Repeated violations: exclusive founders content posted to general forums
      • Doxxing

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