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    RUNE II .27T  Deathmatch and Team Deathmatch Patch Notes

    1. Added Team Deathmatch mode
    2. Added Snow_Fortress map
    3. In team deathmatch, map switch happens on 20 total kills by one team instead of 20 across both teams
    4. Adjusted weapon uniqueness and variance of moveset
    5. Improved hitboxes on server side and clientside for weapons and players
    6. TDM: Fixed an issue where team mate marker falls through world on player death
    7. Fixed an issue where players could get stuck in an unwinnable match if players left before the match completed
    8. Fixed an issue where DM kills during the end-of-match transition still counted towards the leaderboard
    9. Fixed an issue where players that have been killed by god powers (such as Hel’s wrath) had their capsule collision remain in the world
    10. Fixed an issue where team switching may have the HUD show you as one team, and TAB show you as another
    11. Fixed an issue where exiting/re-entering the server breaks scoreboard/teams 
    12. Fixed an issue where Grenades, arrows, and thrown weapons do damage to team mates  
    13. Improved Match End UX  
    14. Added UI/UX to distinguish team affiliation outside of TAB 
    15. Fixed an issue where match transitions broke chat
    16. Fixed an issue where servers did not show up in server browser
    17. Fixed an issue where the giant is no longer lying down incorrectly on the forest map.
    18. Improved server browser UI/UX
    19. Improved server rental UI/UX
    20. Added new art for consumable runes
    21. Toned down the damage bows do. 
    22. Fixed an issue where consumables wouldn’t activate
    23. Minor bug fixes and improvements
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