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    Some games have changeable protagonists, but is changing gender
    of your main character anything like changing from the first person
    to the third person point of view?

    I would say no. When you change the gender of the main character of
    a video game, then the storyline would change. Rune has no dialogue.
    So dialogue is not a gender issue with Rune. Can you have a female
    protagonist going up against monstrous boss battles and be believable
    the way a male character would enter the same fight?

    For fairness of play, I would say yes, you can send the women characters
    into battle the same as for any male protagonist. But in practice, most
    video games with female protagonists only by design are different storylines
    from the male protagonist genre.

    Women characters are not simply NPCs in Rune, cheerleaders if you will, but
    instead women characters are playable alongside male characters in Rune games.
    But does the storyline allow for both genders and make sense?

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