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    Hey all!


    I want to invite all of you to join our RUNE discord server ( focused on the classic game – but we also talk about the upcoming RUNE:Ragnarok )

    We started this server 6 months ago and right now we have 222 people in , so it is more or less active.

    Most of us are dedicated fans of the original game – but newcomers are of course welcome aswell :p


    If you haven’t heard about Discord yet – it is a huge chat group everyone can join, theres voice-chat, video chat and usual chatrooms.



    This is how it looks like –  as you can see HumanHead also joined our Discord and we have a bot scanning their twitter account for new tweets, so you’ll kinda stay updated on the upcoming game there aswell.


    Keep in mind that this Discord server is unofficial and not associated with HumanHead Studios in any way – apart from the fact that they joined us to stay in touch with our small community.

    Hope to see some of you guys joining us =)


    Join here:

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    You are going to have to post/ reply with an invite link, otherwise we cannot join.

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    Hahahaha, how the f*** did I forget that… 😀

    (edited the original post)

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    Just to jump on this post, if you are looking to play some MultiPlayer, the discord is a great place to co-ordinate when you’re playing, etc. Join up!

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    Already there 🙂

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    Wonderful screenshot of me discussing serious Norse lore topics such as Loki getting frisky with a giant’s horse, leading to the birth of Sleipnir.

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