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    Hey everyone, Just wanted to let you guys know that awhile back I went back and re-modified the Coop maps and re-balanced the games difficulty.

    I had a lot of request over the years because many felt that the enemy were to hard to kill.

    So, I’ve re-balanced most all of the enemies hit points to make the game better.

    I’m going to get these uploaded to my IMDB page for Rune Coop. Once I’ve got that setup I will post the link here.

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    I remember Rune coop, very cool to have you here. Hope there will be editing tools for the new Rune.

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    I did add some Coop enhancements on my coop server aswell. (but I didn’t modify the Coop.u – this is all seperated )

    Like those healthbars which indicate the enemies health and the floating-playername is now also colored in healthcolor so you can easily see if your mates  are almost dead.

    But I’m actually planning to make the enemies stronger and also improve the AI so they are smarter.. and also get rid of that stupid bug where they stop attacking anyone.


    Not sure – but atleast on my server no one struggles with killing the monsters.. they’re dead in seconds 😀

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    Wow, I still have your original disk you sent me waayyyy back when.


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    Hey Laurie, good to see you on the forums.

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    sadly my internet connection in 2000 was so bad I could not really play Co-op back then.

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    Long time. I recall working on the installer for Rune Coop.

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    Hi Demandred,

    Good seeing you around. Yea, those were the fun days. Cant believe its been so long ago that this game came out. I’m feeling old! 🙁

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    It will be very cool if coop will work.

    I remember there were problems with ropes not working right. It would work for the first person to climb but not for anyone else.

    I always wanted to get my older friends into Rune but the only multiplayer mode was PvP and they don’t like PvP. I wonder what the marketing research says about older players preference for coop vs PvP.

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    Is it possible to tweak the difficulty? It’s really too hard to play this beautiful mod in 2 players.

    So many years and I still love this game, and love this mod! Thanks!

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