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    I am eagerly awaiting Rune: Ragnarok. While I wait for it, I would like to be able to play Rune Classic again. But I can’t do this because it isn’t working for myself and for many other people in Windows 10.

    A few Steam threads detailing some of the issues that we are experiencing with the game are listed here:


    I’m hoping that whatever is causing the issues is a small thing and that it can be fixed easily with a patch that doesn’t take much time for Human Head to put together.

    I hope this can be fixed. And good luck with Rune: Ragnarok!

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    There’s also a reported crash with a video at the end of the game which can be worked around by turning off the sound:

    Maybe a missing sound file or corrupted sound file is causing that crash, and maybe it can be fixed easily?

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    Uh oh.  I haven’t even tried this. I hope, if there is indeed an issue, they can fix it.

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    Hey all – thanks for letting us know. We’re aware of the issues and are investigating the situation. Stay tuned!

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    That’s great news, HHKat! Thanks for letting us know.

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    Here’s another additional thread where somebody is encountering issues with the resolution in Rune Classic:


    I would guess that we’re seeing more of these reports now because more people are buying RC to play it following PR of the upcoming Rune.

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    Thanks for linking us to that, Delicieuxz! We’re still looking to get the issue resolved.

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    Hi again.

    Is a robust patch for Rune Classic an aborted project, or is it still coming? With the game as it currently is, I can’t play it because it just crashes all the time.

    However, I can launch Rune Gold, change its resolution, and play it without it crashing. So, I’ve copied the folder contents of my GoG Rune Gold into my Steam Rune Classic folder and that lets me launch and play the game through Steam with the Steam overlay.

    That would be a decent enough work around for now, but I have quickly run into another bug that is almost as much as a game spoiler as the Rune Classic resolution and crashing issues. And that bug is that I cannot pick up swords. This appears to be a common bug in the game, in both Rune Classic and in Rune Gold. Here are some threads about the issue:

    Not being able to pick up swords is making the game basically unplayable early on, because I can’t get past this situation:

    I know you’re busy working on Rune II, but I hope that at some point Rune Classic and Rune Gold on GoG will be patched.

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    I’m running Rune on Windows 10 64 bit with a MSI GeForce 1080 Ti. It’s working okay for me. Can you give HH a summary of your system specs?

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    I have no clue if Ragnarok has any access to the classic game but it will not run at all now. I upgraded my gpu and it just gives a garbled mess and flashing screen on startup after the videos. No workaround solve it. Not even safe mode.

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      We do not own the RUNE Classic IP, and we will refrain from any statements about the RUNE Classic IP owners.

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