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    In Rune HOV Multi-player besides
    death match, they had Arena mode.
    These arenas allowed about 4 players
    to play on a server. If you died
    while fighting you did not re-spawn
    back into the arena — instead you
    had to wait for the death match to
    end in victory which could take some

    Also you had to wait before entering
    an “arena” death match. Then all players
    would spawn into the arena — usually 2 on 2
    or 4 on 4 — something like that.

    I, for one, found that whether winning or losing
    in these arena death matches, you did a lot of
    waiting around for the next fight.

    Later, even on HOV, Rune gamers went back to
    simply the traditional FFA or Free For All
    death matches rather than arena mode. That way
    no wait times.

    For ultra-competitive Rune gamers, I guess
    arena was the ultimate Rune experience, but
    some of us had more fun in regular Death Matches.

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    Gotta say.. loved arena and enjoyed kicking back and watching whoever was left clean up..

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    We hear that people really want additional modes for PvP. Our focus right now is making Deathmatch, Team Deathmatch, and the underlying combat systems that power it the best they can be. We are looking into adding Arena and some other modes post-launch.

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    For me, this is good news. AR was very popular and many players also played DM/TDM as well. Most of us realize that the AR component is probably several months into 2020. Once the initial release is on STEAM next year, I expect an explosion in sales/population and will do everything I can to promote it. Many old clans will be revived, and we will have clan wars as we did in the past. The great thing about Rune 2, is that we will always be able to go play SP/CO-OP, which promises to be very challenging. We can then jump into DM/TDM for more mindless fun. Arena was an excellent way to hone our skills without random players jumping into the fray, which caused all sorts of negativity. In classic Rune, we had fragmentation of the community with some playing 1.0 & 1.01 and others sticking with 1.07. Also the change in movement dynamics kept people in one camp or the other. I always had installs of 1.0 /1.01, but preferred 1.07 because of AR and because larger clans mostly played HoV. I do remember attempts at making a community developed 1.08 (Frozn?)

    While an AR mode is a high priority for many of us, I really do hope Human Head releases an editor for user created maps / mods, because this is fairly rare nowadays and was the very reason Rune is played to this day. With broadband being so common now, we should not have the horrible load times we had. I have faith in the core elements of the Rune community and most of understand the value of people having fun and wanting to return again and again. Replayability will be the core of Rune II’s success. Rune Classic is endlessly replayable.

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