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    Sometimes in games like this, one
    identifies not with the main lead
    characters but instead with the bad guys
    side of the game. In Rune that might
    be the Dark Vikings, the Roman characters
    like Romulus and Remus, the Attila the Hun
    character skin or Rune’s main bad guy — Conrack.

    Why does this happen? In Rune multi-player, it would
    be confusing to have all players be Leather Ragnar, or
    even the original Wotankeld villagers. Why not play
    as a Loki guard, zombie, or sark if those characters are
    now playable?

    Good guys vs. bad guys… it is a tried and true storyline.
    But sometimes it simply is more fun to be the bad guys. Sorry
    to all you Ragnar fans… some people would rather play as
    the baddies… so I hope this feature is available in Rune 2.

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