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    Follow Rune’s development as we debut new features and work with the community to bring the game into Early Access this Winter. Join us to discuss upcoming features, get status updates, and see what’s going in the next playtest build. The road map outlines the high-level features we’re adding during development as we continue to balance, polish, and finetune additional features along the way.

    Wondering what those categories mean?

    In Testing: Features that are in the game and playable during beta tests.

    In Development: Features that are still under development and may, or may not, be included in beta tests. If they’re in the game, they’re in a relatively early state.

    Coming Soon: Features that are still in the early stages of planning and development.

    Future Plans: Features that will be worked on during Early Access and be playable in version 1.0.

    Check out the road map.

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