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    So, the world will replenish/repopulate in the beginning of every Age. It’s good to finally have some steps into the right direction, however…

    It turns out this is still too generous.

    There are plenty of resources anyways in ONE RUN, so why the need of re-population? Just think about it. It’s TOO MUCH, not just for one player. And the game suppose to be about time of desperation and apocalypse.

    Players get random ores/rocks/flints from enemies, and from boxes, chests, barrels, they can have plentiful ores/woods without even mining/cutting trees. Still plenty of meats, foods around the world as there are many animals, lizards that will still come back endlessly.

    The other issue is the AGE TIMER. There is little time to explore a decent area of the MAP anyways, so the player can collect… like 30% of the global resources, tops. Then this will return in the next Age. This is too generous.


    o SUGGESTION(1): Cancel re-population for the whole gameplay (no replenishing after every Age)

    o Suggestion(2): re-population only after few Ages

    o Suggestion(3): re-population only if you defeated the Boss in Vigrid plain, or survived the whole Vigrid Plain section without death (not necessarily against LOKI, as he should be the boss only in the end)

    o Suggestion(4): re-population on percentage basis. 15%-30% additional resources on the top of the previous age’s latest size of resources. So if the previous age had 60% of global resources, then in the next age you will have 60+30%=90%… then as this age ends (you continue to play normally, kill enemies, explore, get resources) the global resource will be on 60%, so in the next Age it will be 60+15%=75%… and so on. The size of percentage could be based on whether you have successfully defeated the Boss in Vigrid Plain or not (30% if you defeat, 0%-10%-15% if you haven’t been successful, or something like that) or successfully completed a specific quest… anything…

    Again… This is the time of desperation, not rejoice and abundance. There are plenty of resources anyways for ONE WHOLE GAME, so why the need of re-population? Just think about it. It’s TOO MUCH!

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