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    If I have posted this in the wrong section then I’m sorry! but I thought to ask how servers will work in the game, especially when you make your own server. Where do we rent the servers? Will we be able to rent a server from you guys or from a third-party?


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    Hello Skirn!

    You’ll definitely be able to rent servers through us – our service is hosted through G-Portal ( If you already own a server, you can host it as well. Thanks for asking.

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    I’ve been very excited for RUNE II, God Slayer excited, and then this turned out to be a slight let down. gPortal doesn’t offer NA (USA) servers to rent.

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      Hey Tygoro. We’ll have more information about renting servers through G-Portal very soon. Just a little bit longer to wait, promise.

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    I got good news Mitch.

    The .us domain extension has some available. 🙂

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      Hmm. Interesting. Thanks for making us aware of this.

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    We have plans to rent servers on day 1 as well.

    Very excited to offer this game to customers as an old school Rune diehard!

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