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    When will Rune: Ragnarok the video game be officially released?!

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    Game is in pre-alpha right now. I think they have a closed beta coming soon, so make sure you participate with contests and like facebook and twitter for a chance to win closed beta key. I think mid to late 2018 shouldn’t be that big of a stretch!

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    I want the game to be released whenever it’s ready. The beta will help make the launch sooner, but it’s even more important that they release a game that exceeds expectations for most. I like the idea of calling it Rune by itself, but it must be as good or better. It needs to have that type of longevity. Steam is the perfect platform top get all the bugs worked out, while getting good reviews in preparation for full release. Now it will be simply Rune. In the beginning the game was simply Rune, then Rune: Viking Warlord for PS2, and my favorite, Rune: Halls of Valhalla. In a sense, Rune: Ragnarok seems more like a final chapter in the Rune mythos if you will. Obviously, we know HH always wanted the game to have an interesting Viking lore element, and it is quite clear we are going to interact with many of the various gods in Viking mythology.

    What made Rune so special to me was how it tastefully added the magic to the combat by powering our weapons and allowing us to earn the lust in battle. I always knew I was doing well when I was gaining enough bonus from kills to earn bloodlust. Many never really understood how the runes really worked. Many deemed the system to be unbalanced, and unfair and ran servers with no runes, and weapon stay. The truth is that that combat magic element was very nearly balanced. JuNN founder/leader Meanbone even created a mod (Meanbone’s runes) to correct most problems. Mostly, if you learned, there really was a counter to almost anything that anyone could throw at you, if you had the skill. Despite being the #1 ranked Rune Arena player for several years. (according to and loving the 1vs1 dueling, and team arena, I was always happiest in maps with runes enabled. For Rune to be Rune, it must honor this concept in some substantive way. Rune gave people admin control and a wide array of tools. It’s not going to be enough to have next generation graphics, ultimate audio, and brilliant voice acting. Rune is about combat. This is the problem. Can they recreate that magic?

    If this is some clunky Chivalry, or (name the game/s), it will fail miserably. All melee combat games pale to Rune in this regard. This is our chance to make it happen again. Bigger and far better than ever before! Fast, Fluid, Intuitive. Even if it requires a cost in stamina, it must not overcome the player who skillfully is expending that energy in a short period of time. If it’s too slow, it’s not going to feel much like Rune classic, say 100% to 110%. Will we have control? Slow motion combat was extremely fun. Who can forget light saber duels? We had it all. Is the community going to be able to mod the new Rune? The answer to these questions is what will determine the new Rune’s fate for those who understand the original Rune. I was always just a player, and some of these freedoms missing, I can get past that. For me it’s about the combat itself. I won’t quibble about historical accuracy because I’m not interested in a viking life simulation. Much is not known or understood about Vikings and if it becomes somewhat like an mmorpg, that would be excellent because it would correct what is wrong with all other online rpgs.. the combat itself.. If Human Head conquers that problem, then it really will be Rune: Gold

    (if this rant does not get me a key, I don’t what will) – By Odin, I’ll pay whatever you want for it. I can help


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      Thats awesome thats what you think, but the question was when is it going to get released. I too am wondering this, as I bought it last year when the steam store and all indications were stating it would be released winter of 2018, now its 2019 with no further indication or real ballpark when this will be. Its good to take your time and get things done properly, but if this is the case then don’t state release dates for winter of 2018…

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      We appreciate everyone’s patience, there will be some announcements soon. Thanks.

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    This is not meant as a criticism, but my experience, especially with the developers of Combat Mission, is that game developers and the general public have different definitions of the word “soon”. 🙂 I am quite sure you guys will release the game when it’s ready and, hopefully, not before. And I know from the CM forums that giving us information will not sate our desire to play the game ASAP. But I also know the “sooner” you make your announcement the “sooner” people will be happy. Because while it’s probably true most of us want to play ASAP, it’s also probably also true that most understand these things take time and so most probably want information. Hopefully most understand releasing the information must be done in a very careful way so as not to set unrealistic expectations as well as making sure any game content is as perfect as it can be so as not to draw any unwarranted criticism. Anyway, it’s late at night and I’m bored, sorry for the long winded screed…

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