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    Bought this game back in 2018 and was told the game would release in jan 2019. This has taken too long now and starting to feel like its gonna be the new star citizen. Anyone have any advise on how to refund the game?

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    Hey there, you’ll have to go to and submit a ticket to refund your preorder. Thanks.

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      Also, I will be archiving your similar post in Road Map as that forum was meant to be closed to new topics. Just so you know where it went.

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    Xsolla offers a refund to the site a bought the game? Or a lower amount then what i payed. As i bought the game on runes preorder site would i be able to get too my money?

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    Xsolla handled our preorder page – you will be refunded in full I believe.

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      “1. Balance refund. The full refund amount can be credited to your balance on the same site. You will be able to use this balance on the same account for future purchases on this platform, and the balance will be credited within two business days.


      2. PayPal refund. Please provide your email linked to a PayPal account. The refund time may take up to 45 days. Please note that we will keep the commission rate of the payment option, and the amount for a refund will be 339.2 SEK.”
      So my choices would be full refund to a site that only sells the preorder i wanna refund or a paypal for 32.5 euros out of the original 46.48 euros i spent on nothing.

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      Nikkoloko, this is what they offered you after you submitted a ticket for a refund? When exactly did you purchase it? If you provide me your purchase ID I can see what’s going on. This should not be the case and others I have talked to who have refunded were refunded in full. I’m sorry for the issue.

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      So did you get yourself a full refund? I’m considering doing it myself since these devs have completely lost their mind. Just like mount and blade bannerlord they have become a laughing stock. Such a shame and they were doing so well with including the community. By the looks of it this will be complete scam or sub par product since people that have something to show don’t shroud themselves in silence. I’m so disappointed it’s beyond words. Just…sigh….i keep asking myself why would anyone in their right mind commit a financial suicide like this…

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    HHJames, hello. I am looking for a simple reason not to refund. Can you please let us know if work is still ongoing or if the project has issues that could result in cancellation? I understand you can’t release details atm. but you could at least afford to risk repeating yourself a bit, from last month to now? ( in the positive case things are still in the works )

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      Hello there. I can assure you Rune is in full development right now. We apologize for the lack of announcements. Stay tuned and thank you for your patience.

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      ok. thanks for the reply. I just hope the release is set for Steam as previously announced and advertised.

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