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    After the initial events of Ragnarok, parts of the world were flooded and buildings were destroyed. Everyone who survived it generally agreed this was a pretty terrible time they would not want to repeat. As you explore the world you will encounter destroyed structures that can be rebuilt to give you an edge against the world and its violent inhabitants.

    Rebuild Viking longhouses to provide shelter from the harsh environment and fierce enemies, as well as a safe location to craft awesome new gear. Rebuild shrines that offer you bonuses from your god. Rebuild vaults to store inventory that will not be lost if you die. And, rebuild many other fun and surprising structures that you will just have to find on your adventures in Rune.

    Rebuildables will require you to gather and harvest materials such as wood, stone, copper, and other resources to reconstruct the original structure. Beware, because Ragnarok is upon us, some of your rebuildables will take damage again and will need to be repaired from time to time. If you want to build something even faster, form a clan and work with others to more quickly rebuild structures, even an entire village.

    Current State – 11/10/18

    Protect yourself from vicious AI and bring order to Midgard by rebuilding structures throughout the world. Contributing resources to partially built structures will restore them to their completed states and provide shelter while you craft new items, arrange your inventory, and cook food.

    As we get closer to Early Access this Winter, expect to see more diverse buildings with the ability to take ownership for yourself and your god. If you claim enough rebuildables in a single area, your god will be empowered and bless the area for all who pledge to them. On top of that, the player who has contributed the most resources into a rebuildable object will own that rebuildable along with their chosen god. Any player in the server who is aligned to that god will have their power increased when in the area. Players who have contributed to the rebuildable, but don’t own it, will still be able to use the structure’s amenities.

    We have a lot of ideas for future buildings, providing useful abilities for you as you seek to rebuild villages and towns. Just a quick taste: Forges, smelters, shrines to your god, and even a meadery…plus, some ideas that would allow for clan ownership of rebuildables.

    For now, rebuildables will primarily be the longhouses but once we get into Early Access, we will begin working on all types of structures and objects that will be rebuildable in the world, have ownership, and will have gameplay elements around them.

    Midgard is a harsh world where players, enemies, weather and gods will do damage to your owned structures. You will need to protect them, fight for them, and rebuild them to keep your power and control of the areas of the world.

    Update 10/17/18

    The rebuildable longhouses have been updated to take fewer steps and resources to build. In future updates, we will remove all of the buildings in the world except for the few around the starting points. These pre-built longhouses will offer you safety as you craft your initial weapons, arrange your inventory, and cook your food. As you venture out from the starting points, you’ll have to rebuild the longhouses in order to protect yourself from enemies.

    We are also working on variations to the longhouses so you’ll see different types throughout the world. Down the road in Steam Early Access, you’ll be able to rebuild towns. But remember, Ragnarok is a tough place to live, repairing these structures might be needed from time to time.

    Original Post 9/19/18

    In the beta tests right now, we have rebuildable longhouses working, and you can build them alone or with others. They protect you from AI enemies (not from other players in PvP though). We are currently working on fixing bugs for this entire system to ensure that they are performing as intended.

    As we continue with our beta tests, we’ll be adding more types of rebuildables and increasing the benefits you get after completing them.

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