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    Check out some new production art! The extravagant gold chest is reserved for rare items and gifts from your god. The vault, our universal storage system, can found throughout the world. Let us know if you’re interested in more behind-the-scenes images.


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    That’s one seriously fancy gold chest! I would love to see behind-the-scenes stuff!

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    Love it.


    Both are really well designed, and the finish is great.


    Behind-the-scenes stuff is always interesting. I’ve always loved concept art and stuff showing the design process and the like.

    I’m all for more stuff like this!

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    Heh! If you release a Collector’s Edition, that ornate chest could be the outer box!


    Something about the design of it just makes me want a miniature version of it sitting somewhere in my house.

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    Thanks all. That would be awesome, Hertig Torulf! Maybe eventually 😀

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