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    In Norse mythology, when Ragnarok ends, Loki dies. In Rune, Loki is trying everything in his power to prevent Ragnarok from ending. So, he has found a way to reset Ragnarok, over and over again, to keep this in a perpetual cycle. Each player in Rune is aligning to a god and helping to end Loki’s mischievous ways. You have the power of the gods to hunt down Loki’s lieutenants and find a way to end Ragnarok. The timer that you see in the upper right-hand part of the HUD is the time until the next reset. Things can get a bit crazy as the time counts down, getting closer to the reset. When the world resets, you might find Midgard to be in a slightly different condition.

    Current State 10/17/2018

    The team has the basic tech functionality of the Ragnarok Timer working. We have a countdown timer in the HUD showing the time left to the reset. Over the coming weeks, we will be adding a bunch of gameplay elements around this feature to get it ready for an upcoming public beta test.

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    Ah, neat. I was wondering what the function of the timer was. Changing the world state sounds really interesting.

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    Should Be some way to turn the timer off/toggle it, So its not always on you’r hud 24/7.

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