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    I did a playtrough this weekend with version 1.0.135. The game is much smoother and polished now, keep up the good work!
    After reading the roadmap post I decided to throw in my suggestions and ideas of what I think would make things more interesting, at least for me.

    -• Combat

    I think holding the block button with a shield should drain stamina, and the shield should be lowered after you run out of it. After the first blocked hit the stamina should deplete rapidly(2x) if you keep blocking.If a hit depletes your stamina you get a knockdown . It would encourage timed blocks, and make the combat bit more tactical.

    I think the god weapons are too powerful, in an uninteresting way. They make the combat trivial.
    What I would think would be cool, if the damage was lower, and maybe a weapon specific special move.
    Eg :
    Loki Sword – you cast a single meteor with forwardjump+attack
    Hel Axe – you cast a poison grenade like aoe effect in front of you with forwardjump+attack
    Thor Hammer – you cast a fire grenade like aoe effect in front of you with forwardjump+attack
    Odin Spear – you cast a frost grenade like aoe effect in front of you with forwardjump+attack
    Bow – Rapid fire rate
    Or, maybe, instead of an aoe effect, a level one god power, or something :).

    • Core Loop improvement

    Loot :
    I think the loot is way too much. I wouldn’t mind if enemies didn’t drop any loot aside from blood, and limbs of course 🙂
    There’s more the enough loot in the chests, sacks and whatnots.

    Ages :
    I think the age timer should start after you deposited the first artifact.
    It wouldn’t discourage exploration for those who want it, and if you are in a hurry you can go straight to artifact collecting.
    I hope age of poison returns :).

    Age Weapons:
    One hander divine weapons, cost’s a ton of allmetal, crafted at an age specific location, and works like the god weapons above.

    Enemies :
    I really miss the enemy differentiation from the first game. Draugrs can only be set on fire or decapitated.
    Skeletons should pop back up to life unless burned, or killed with a blunt weapon.
    The goal is to make existing enemies more interesting to fight.

    Paths system :
    The problem with the paths system, that it feels like a checklist,and not something a viking would do.
    My suggestion that it should reworked into a sacrifice system. Examples:
    Bring 20 wood to one of the multiple ingame locations (sacrificial stone), and then you get the xp reward.
    Bring 40 Draugr blood to said location, and get the reward.
    God paths should be turned in at the Divine Summit.
    It’s maybe a bit radical, bit It would make the game a bit more involving, and I think would be more fitting to the viking fantasy.

    Artifact Hunt:
    Again, it feels a bit cheklisty. I would propose an off hand item, which while held shows ONLY the nearest artifact on the screen (with the same purple icon)

    • Player Progression

    At a high level it would be cool the have an additional god reward. I think the player should get a GOD RUNE from the chosen god. It would recharge every 60 seconds.
    Hel’s Rune is Teleport
    Thor is Berserk
    Odin is Health.

    And I think God power should charge by giving and recieving damage and deplete when idle. It should be more of a dramatic finisher, than a reliable opener.

    User Interface and User Experience (UI/UX) .

    Pretty please make an actual option to disable autoequip. How else should I do my fists only naked run(I know it sounds wierd 🙂 ?

    That’s all 🙂 Thanks for your ongoing support of this game!


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