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    I tried contacting epic but have gotten no response. How do I get the info to change this game to epic games. I have purchased this a while ago but have received no info except for asking if I wanted a refund. Can someone contact me and let me know how to register this onto epic games

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    Hey Ragnarok28070,

    I’m not really sure what you mean. Could you explain the issue that you’re having in more detail?

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    I have a similar probmel
    I bought the game at the 28.08.18 from the official rune site an payed it on they send me an email and it sayed when the game gets released i get infos how to get access to the game.
    I haven’t recieved anything.
    how do i get the game now?
    (sorry for my bad english i’m from germany)

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    so are we s.o.l if we pre-ordered through xsolla during the first wave? cause xsolla support is shit they can confirm i paid but not much else.

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    I pre-ordered on August 28, 2018, through xsolla, before the switch to epic games store exclusive. During the change to epic games store you should have received an email explaining that your game key would be one for the EGS, and if it was unacceptable, you were able to get a refund. Today I received the email with the codes promised. I believe they are manually sending out codes to all pre-orders, so It might take a while. TBH it feels like it’s still in early access, so much for waiting to play until full release to not taint my perception of it.

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    so today o recieved a email with the code for epic store
    i activated it and i only get soundtracks from the game and not the game itself
    and i bought the god slayer edition

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    I purchased the game from xsolla as well, I found my email with the codes in my junk mail folder.

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    Hi all. We’re very sorry about these issues. Please email with your receipt and we will get it handled as quickly as possible. This is not what you deserved as early adopters and we will do what we can to make it right. Thank you.

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