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    RUNE II PTR 1.0.372 Patch Notes – March 10, 2020

    Player Combat
    * Improved environment-based recoil for long weapons like 2 handed swords and hammers
    * Added a red glow to the player’s heavy attack.
    * Increased max stamina to 300.
    * Made stamina no longer prevent dodging/lunging. Instead, dodging/lunging is still possible but is slower.
    * Food no longer restores health.
    * Added a hunger system.
    * Hunger caps your stamina, decreasing your max stamina as you get hungrier. Eating food counteracts hunger.

    Movement and animations
    * Added new blade recoil animations for all weapons for male and female characters
    * Updated dodge animations
    * Fixed an issue where players could dodge in midair while dodging left.
    * Goodbye, flying Viking.
    * Added a dodge roll that can be done during regular dodge.
    * Added a winded animation state when the player is at low stamina.
    * AI now smoothly rotate toward you when they start running after you instead of snapping their rotation.

    * Dramatically decreased the rate at which all enemies will drop weapons or armor.
    * Now, all enemies are more likely to drop consumables, ammo, or crafting materials.
    * Reduced amount of force runes to come out of small chests.
    * Added teleport runes, stamina runes, and health runes into small chests loot pool.
    * Increased all metal drop rate from Loki chest in Vigrid Plain.

    * Enemies now get higher in level the further out you get from Heimdall’s tower.
    * There are some exceptions to this, such as the tutorial island of Old Wotenkeld.
    * Adjusted “dodge per level” and “block per level” for all enemies against players
    * Increased frequency of AI jump attacking you
    * Increased range that AI kung fu circle around the player
    * Fixed an issue where AI would interrupt their own lunge attacks
    * Rebalance all the enemy resistances and reaction types
    * Made enemy lunge task take the correct time according to the actual animation.
    * Sped up some heavy attacks that were currently too slow.
    * Allow AI to dodge while attacking in certain cases.
    * Scaled up AI attack speed with their levels.
    * AI at level 1 attack at .8 speed.
    * At level 50 they’ll be at 1.3 speed.
    * Added visual differentiation of all human enemies.
    * Updated wolf pathing to ensure it doesn’t get stuck.
    * Fixed an issue where AI would dodge but not play their dodge animation correctly.
    * Rescaled all AI in preparation for future changes.

    Open World Events and Levels
    * All enemies now have a level that is displayed by their name
    * Updated enemy conning colors based off level difference vs player level:
    * Artifact bosses and high value targets: purple
    * Over +10: Red
    * Over +5: Orange
    * Over +1 Yellow
    * At level: White
    * Under -1: Blue
    * Under -5: Green
    * Under -10 Grey
    * Open World Level Zones:
    * White: 1-50
    * Green: 1-10
    * Yellow: 4-25
    * Orange: 8-35
    * Red: 18-45
    * Purple: 30-50
    * Black: 40-50
    * All Open World Events (OWEs) now have a level range in accordance with the above zones.
    * All Open world events scale to nearest player level even if they’re not explicitly triggered by a player.
    * Added base damage of 100 to player.

    * Adjusted the Age of Night so players can see themselves better while keeping the age dark.
    * Updated weather transitions within the Age of Night
    * Updated visuals on the Age of Frost
    * Adjusted Sky brightness and snow coverage for Age of Frost.
    * Added post processing settings to make Age of Frost more bleak and isolated.
    * Added support settings for smooth curves instead of linear for day/night cycle transitions.

    * Toned down Berserk Rune post processing effects.
    * In layman’s terms: No more “the worlds gone mad” vector lines.

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