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    The RUNE II Public Test Realm is available to all current and new RUNE II players. Learn more here

    Feb 14 2020 PTR Patch Notes


    Welcome to the RUNE II Public Test Realm! We are looking for feedback beyond just hot takes and we ask that you feel out the new combat system before making an opinion on it. It will feel *very* different than what you’re used to. This is still a work in progress. Our team wants your feedback to help ensure that we are on the right track.


    We ask that you come into this with an open mind. This is not going to be like RUNE 1’s combat, nor will it be Mordhau or Dark Souls’ combat. Our goal is to build a combat system that is FUN. As you’re playing through, keep that fun factor in mind. 


    Any feedback that starts with “I had / did not have fun with this combat test because __________” or “I feel that the combat changes are _____, and this is why I feel that way: _________” is immensely helpful to us. For example “I feel that the combat changes are good, because it lets me react to the combat that’s happening instead of spraying and praying.”


    Please note that the combat changes we have made are in prototype – there may be bugs and there may be balance issues, or unpolished rough edges. Please make an effort as you’re testing these to distinguish between needed fixes or tweaks, and core concepts that just aren’t working.




    • Added a parrying system.
    • Dodging is now on by default and cannot be turned off. 
    • Added SFX and VFX when you successfully block and parry
    • Blocking at the right time will cause you to parry against an enemy, opening them up for an attack or two!
    • Added a slight pain cooldown to flinch reactions.
    • Added the ability to chain your dodge into a block.
    • Added the ability to combo light attacks directly into a block or a dodge
    • Added the ability to dodge out of a knockdown if you time it right when you hit the ground
    • Added the ability to dodge out of a stagger if you time it right
    • Heavy attacks vs a block/parry attempt will always stagger the target. 
    • Heavy attacks vs no block will knockdown the target, or stagger targets that can’t be knocked down
    • Heavy attacks will now always be dodged during dodge animations, light attacks will still hit a dodging enemy.
    • Added a short vulnerable warmup into block so you can’t block/parry the same frame as the button press
    • Raising your shield or weapon to block now consumes Stamina. 
    • Added directional blade recoils for both player and enemies when blocked (AI animations are temp). 
      • Blade recoil prevent subsequent attacks for .5 sec.
    • Made “flinch” reaction for player lockout attacks for .3 sec 
      • This does not interrupt the current attack.
    • Shields take durability damage when blocking
    • Changed “broken” to “staggered” when a heavy attack hits a block.
    • Changed “10,000” damage number to “deathblow”.
    • Added a 1 second cooldown to block when stamina is low to prevent block spam.



    • Added a red glow when enemies are about to hit you with an unblockable heavy attack.
      • Dodge!
    • Added a small time window for the player and enemies after stagger/knockdown where they are immune to stagger/knockdown
    • Added a reaction lunge chance to enemies when a player blocks their attack
    • Added the ability for certain enemies to reaction block/parry a player’s light attacks
    • Added an additional full 1 second to all stagger states – players will have more time to combo an enemy while they’re staggered
    • Increased enemy reaction dodge and reaction block chance across the board
    • Updated hit react states on all enemies
    • Added enemy reactions to your defensive maneuvers. 
      • Go stand in front of an enemy and block a lot. They should do a heavy/lunge attack.
    • Reduced enemy damage dealt to player
    • Split the enemies’ ability to dodge and block into two separate categories internally. \
      • This is to give us more knobs we can tweak to make enemies smarter.
    • Tweaked all enemy values for blocks, dodges, and shield break percentage
    • Changed giants regular swings to count as heavy attacks
    • Changed AI behavior so they can’t lunge attack while dodging/reacting/attacking
    • Made enemies slightly more responsive to player actions
    • Slowed down enemy attack speed
    • Changed enemy AI to allow only one enemy to attack a player at a time. Other enemies will circle strafe and block in “kung fu circle” mode (and occasionally lunge in from behind)
    • Rebalanced all enemy animation speeds.
    • Ensured lunge animations are relatively consistent speeds with enemies.
    • Made sure that enemies can’t block while knocked down or staggered


    Movement and Animations

    • Reduced player run and sprint speed by 20%
    • Slowed down players to walk speed when moving backwards and sideways
    • Reduced speed when moving while blocking
    • Increased player responsiveness when changing direction
    • Made the block animation transition faster
    • Slowed down player attack animations by about 20%
    • Tuned attack animations for every weapon type
    • Updated flinch animations



    • Fixed an issue where enemies wouldn’t flinch/stagger when they were supposed to.
    • Fixed an issue allowing enemies to lunge while they were reacting
    • Fixed a bug allowing a player to lunge while staggered/knocked down
    • Fixed an issue where consumables couldn’t activate unless the animation played
    • Blocks no longer cancel an attack while weapon is hot, but can be used to “feint” attacks before weapon goes hot (to bait enemies into blocking or dodging)
    • Fixed cases where player could jump when you shouldn’t be able to (like during lunge or knockdown)
    • Fixed an issue where AI would get stuck and not attack or move
    • Fixed an issue where players could turbo left-click unintentionally
    • Fixed some cases where AI would get blocked, and then just stare at the player for several seconds while waiting for their combo to end. 
    • Fixed various edge cases with chaining attacks into blocks. 
    • Fixed an issue where a blood splatter would play when blocking or parrying instead of the correct VFX.
    • Fixed an issue where chaining into the block animation would lock your character



    • Greatly increased the loot drop chance of consumable items on certain enemies
    • Greatly decreased the weapon drop chance on certain enemies


    Known issues:

    • The hotkey M for map has been disabled. You can still get to the map by going to the inventory or quests screen and using the arrows on the side of the screen.
    • Throwing weapons has been temporarily disabled.
    • Minor and Major repair stones are temporarily disabled.

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