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    I purchased a presale package, but I’d like to upgrade. Can I do that?
    Absolutely, just purchase the pack that you want and you’ll just pay the difference.

    Do I need to purchase a presale package in order to play Rune?
    Nope. You don’t NEED to purchase a presale package to play Rune, but it is the only way to get access to exclusive Founder’s Items.

    When will I receive my in-game items?
    You’ll receive your in-game items when the game launches on Steam Early Access. You’ll receive an email with codes to redeem your goods.

    Will I be able to access my in-game items in beta?
    Nope. Codes for in-game items will be sent when Rune enters Early Access on Steam.

    When will forum badges be available?
    Forum badges will be available immediately.

    When will I receive my digital copy of the early access map and the soundtrack download?
    Your digital early access map and soundtrack download will be sent to you when Rune launches on Steam.

    How do recipes work?
    You’ll start with the recipe to craft the items in your presale package, but you’ll still have to collect the resources.

    Are there any official Rune Classic servers available?
    There aren’t any official multiplayer servers active, but there are still fan sites available and you can play the single player campaign on Steam.

    Who can I contact for customer support?
    Please visit or contact the support team in live chat from the presale’s payment page.

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