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    TLDR at the bottom of this post.

    Well, we are in a pickle now! This isn’t what I expected the RUNE II launch to be. I mean, having followed the development since the beginning, I knew well the game would not be anywhere near finished. What I didn’t expect was the closure of Human Head Studios and loss of a team to work on the game post launch.

    First off, I don’t blame Human Head for what they did. From what I hear, things were pretty rough financially. I am glad they’ll finally have some financial security, and that all their crew got to keep their jobs! That’s a win no matter how you slice it! Best of luck to you guys at Roundhouse!

    Of course the people at Ragnarok Game really got the short end, and I really hope things will work out on their end as well!

    But what about RUNE II? Well, obviously we know nothing about what the plans are, as we still haven’t had any announcement other than that a new team will be assembled to support the game.

    From what I’ve played of the game so far, there are problems. Hoo-boy, are there problems!

    I think that for this game to reach a finished state for the current vision, it requires a hefty bit of cash pumped into it. And as I said, we don’t know if this will happen. We don’t know if the support will be more features, content, expansions and such, or merely bug fixes.

    With that said, my thoughts on what needs to be done with RUNE II are pretty radical. I think instead of adding more things to the game, they really need to make what’s already there work and be fun.

    Sadly, the game is woefully unfocused right now. It doesn’t know what it wants to be. Is it an action adventure? Is it a survival game? Is it an aRPG like Diablo? Is it an open world game like Skyrim? Is it a competitive pvp game?

    It lacks focus. And all these things can NOT become polished and finished without a big cash injection.


    • The combat has good groundwork, but needs more focus to become really good.
    • The aRPG elements are forgettable. Levelling feels unneeded and like it’s mostly just slapped on. It doesn’t add much to the game. The aRPG type loot likewise feel like a mess without real focus, and you’re also showered with loot, making it feel less valuable. You also don’t really grow connected to your gear. Or such is my experience anyway.
    • Crafting is far too simple to feel rewarding or impactful. Same with rebuildables. Far too easy to construct a house, and you feel no accomplishment when building one.
    • Exploration should be a strong point. But the timer so far only makes me feel like I can’t explore as I wish. It’s always there. And I can’t just take my time heading out somewhere on the map that looks interesting. I would inevitably get sidetracked by something else on the way there, or I’d be forced to pass stuff by because I don’t have enough time to do both. It’s a source of frustration. Sadly, it feels like there’s not much point to the exploration. It will just be the same loot chests with more loot, or it will be lore stones. Sure, you might come across some cool scenery, but having more reason to actually explore every island is sorely needed.
    • Oh, and also, exploration is made even less fun by Loki’s faaaar too frequent meteors. He also talks way too much. I will talk about Loki more further down, but I think the meteors maybe even should be removed entirely, except for some specific events or such.
    • The Campaign is extremely troublesome at the moment! The neverending cycle of relic hunting, being forced into the Vigrid plain, only to go back out into a new age for more relic hunting…. it got stale very fast for me. Far too repetitive a gameplay loop. And on top of that, encountering Loki so early is extremely anticlimactic. At the end of the first Age, you meet him. At the end of the second Age, you already get to fight him as well. It happens far too quick, and it has no buildup whatsoever. No sense of anticipation. This is a HUGE issue!
    • The campaign needs serious rework, and be entirely restructured to actually have a narrative with buildup and anticipation. Obviously this would be a bigger obstacle to tackle, from a developer’s side.
    • Then we have the PvP Deathmatch modes. Yeah, they need work. Lots of it. Bringer of Pain’s feedback is crucial for that to work and become fun. But it also just needs general fleshing out. Character gear customization so we don’t always start naked every time, but can start with the look we want. Revised inventory system for Deathmatch, more maps, etc. But these things are obvious. Needless to say, this aspect needs focused on.


    Ok, so what do I think should be done in order to turn this into something more focused and enjoyable, hopefully in a cost efficient way?

    I would focus on making this feel more like RUNE I. Many of my suggestions are based on what RUNE I is in order to make RUNE II feel like it belongs to the same franchise.

    • So, first and foremost, RUNE II needs to be an ACTION/ADVENTURE GAME!
    • That means combat, movement, controls and traversal need to be a MAIN FOCUS! It needs to feel as responsive and fluid as the original. Crouching needs to be added. I came across a watch tower with a ladder, and I got curious if I could climb that. Alas, I couldn’t. I know this would be adding something new, but adding climbing would open up a lot of level design possibilities. Both being able to climb ladders as well as ropes and chains. Crouching could be used for level design as well, but also would be tied intimately to combat, especially pvp combat. In an action/adventure, movement options are essential!
    • The aRPG elements really do not add much to the game. If anything, they detract from it. Inventory management, checking stats, item wear…. it becomes tedious. It’s also a lot to keep track of. It’s a system that’s more trouble than it’s worth, so I would say cut it. Get rid of it. Getting rid of this bloated aspect of the game would help immensely in making in more focused. Rather than having all these different variations of weapons with suffixes and whatnot, just keep base versions of weapons, but perhaps with some way to power up weapons through runes or blessings from a god. Remove item durability too. That said, there may be certain conditions that might break, or have a chance to break, weapons outright. I’m not against that. Just the gradual item wear.
    • Shields however should work pretty much identically to RUNE I, where they break and you need to find a new one.
    • I would much prefer to find new items much less frequently and have it be a bit of a deal when you find one. I’m trying to think of examples. Fable is a bit like what I’m thinking. Finding a chest in those games is great, because you don’t know if it contains gold, a potion, or maybe a unique or rare weapon or armor you won’t find anywhere else. That’s similar to what I would like to see in RUNE II, rather than the insane amounts of weapons, armor and other items we have cluttering our inventory all the time.
    • Crafting should be revised. There would most likely not be any need to craft weapons and armor at this stage, but being able to place a campfire and cook food would still be useful and logical. Same with torches. I guess crafting should be more around the theme of being a survivalist, living moment to moment. Not about being a weapon or armor smith. That role could be taken over by someone in your settlement. (see below)
    • As for Rebuildables, this needs a shift of focus. Currently they only serve as safe spots. Enemies can’t enter, and you have your crafting stations. I’m not sold on this. Like I said, they are too easy to build, and you don’t really feel like you accomplished much. I would rather see us focusing on ONE settlement to rebuild. If we are the Champion that will defeat Loki, we should also serve as a beacon of hope to the rest of mankind in the Wolf Age of Ragnarök who have succumbed to despair and hopelessness. It would fit the theme of the game to try and oppose Loki’s influence by lifting people out of the darkness and into the light under your banner and inside the walls of your village. A bastion against the chaos of Ragnarök.
    • I already mentioned this in the Discord, but it would be fitting lore-wise to have this village be rebuilt on the ruins of Wotenkeld – Ragnar’s home in RUNE I. But I guess it could also be possible to give you a few locations to choose from, but once you decide to claim one area to rebuild, you’ll be locked to it and won’t be able to build anywhere else.
    • As you begin rebuilding your village, which would be a slower pace, you might come across non-hostile NPC’s out in the world. These you could invite to your village, and they would regain hope and help rebuild it. You might even find blacksmiths or other craftsmen who might add some version of crafting to your village, though this would be quite different from the current system.
    • The whole idea with it would be that the more people you gather and the more you rebuild the village, the more power your chosen god has. I haven’t really thought too much about this right now, but I’m sure there’s several ways this could manifest in ways that benefit your character. Such as a shrine in the village where you can bless your weapons with the power of your god. Could be a timed buff that wears off after a while and must be renewed.
    • So what does this mean for the other rebuildables out in the world? Well, I don’t think they’re needed. Not in SP campaign. If you want a safe zone, there could be a blessing from your god you could use, like drawing a circle on the ground (crafting and placing one like a campfire) which hides you from hostile eyes as long as you stand inside it. Craft and place a campfire inside it and you got your little safe space without having to build houses everywhere. And once you leave the circle for more than, say, a minute, it will despawn.
    • Exploration.
    • Ok, this is one of those radical things, and that needs to be made more fun, given more purpose and be a BIG FOCUS of the game.
    • We need things to find. With the random loot mostly gone, what’s left?
    • Well, finding a chest in some ruins after some jumping and traversal challenge you might open it to find a unique armor. And with item wear gone, it’s now permanently yours. Or you might find a non-hostile NPC that can be invited to your village.
    • But what I’d REALLY want to see added would be something from RUNE I.
    • You see, in RUNE I, there was a rare kind of rune you could find throughout the sp campaign. The Rune of Health. There were only five of them throughout the entire campaign, but as soon as you picked one up, you immediately noticed a change. Your health bar would grow bigger. Each Rune of Health you picked up would add 20% to your health bar. So when you found all 5, your health bar would be twice the size from what it was at the start of the game.
    • For reference, here’s two screenshots showing your health bar at the very beginning of the game compared to at the end of the game:

    • I would LOVE for these runes to return! They could be located at shrines hidden across the islands of Midgard. Not hidden in stupid locations so you have to look behind every random rock to find them, but rather in places that look interesting and might rouse your curiosity, like up on top of a cliff that seems unreachable at first, but appears to have something on top, which would make you search for a path up there. Obviously these runes would give a lesser increase than in RUNE I since there would have to be more of them. There could even be two types. Whole runes that power you up straight away, or fragments that you need to find x amount of to assemble into a rune to power you up. Very much like finding Heart Containers and Pieces of Heart in the Zelda series.
    • There could also be Runes of Stamina to increase you Stamina meter, and maybe Runes of Might as well, that would boost your attack power.
    • These runes would tie into the setting, lore, theme, and NAME of the game itself. RUNE!
    • They would also replace the levelling system, while making exploration the key to growing stronger.
    • I also believe the environments and geometry needs a pass overall to make exploration more enjoyable. There’s too much going on on each island, with very few truly distinct locations to use as landmarks. Many islands need a design pass and given some kind of theme to make them really distinct.
    • There’s also too much clutter in the seas. I get that it’s supposed to look like a broken land, which it does, but removing some of the clutter might make it more visually pleasing.
    • Speaking of clutter…. I really suggest removing the vast majorities of those huge statues that are seen everywhere. They are cool looking, but why on earth do they exist?! It’s just clutter with no logical explanation for why they exist, and you don’t really care when you come across a new one. I’d remove them and just keep a few somewhere, set in some really awesome location that has a lot of visual impact, and also has a story behind it!
    • The Campaign.
    • Like I said, it’s a mess. It becomes repetitive and stale fast, and lacks buildup. The timer and the Ages mechanic itself needs a good rethink. I think the campaign needs to be made more straightforward. I’ll attempt to give a somewhat brief description of my general take on how it can be changed for the better;
      • We begin on a starter island where we learn the ropes from Heimdall. Loki is hiding, Midgard is cursed and locked in the age of Ragnarök. The gods have no idea how to reach Loki, but Heimdall sets you on the path to fight back Loki’s influence on the island where you begin.
      • This will lead you to the seat of Loki’s commander on that island, and you will defeat him, ending his influence. You learn something which points you in the direction of the next step on your journey.
      • This leads you to the first larger island where a number of interactions and ”quests” will point you to Loki’s next commander. Here you will finally begin to get hints of Loki’s whereabouts and how he’s hiding.
      • You will eventually get to the commander’s stronghold, which is surrounded by a thick aura of Loki’s influence. At the heart of the stronghold, you battle the commander and after defeating him discover an item soaked with dark magic which serves as a lock of sorts. What this item is doesn’t matter right now, it could be a runestone, or an artifact of power or whatever.
      • Either way, with the commander dead and the Loki aura gone, whatever god is helping you can channel their power to destroy the item.
      • When doing so they discover that, like plucking a string in a spider’s web, some invisible web of power covering Midgard shook by the destruction of the item, and your god was able to somehow feel that this was an anchorpoint for this web, and through the vibrations through it, they were able to feel that a number more of these anchors are scattered across the shattered remains of Midgard, and they can point you in their general direction.
      • After this it becomes a matter of travelling from island to island, exploring the world and finding these anchors, conquer whatever challenge is guarding them, and gradually destroy the web that hides Loki.
      • At certain points in your quest, say after destroying x amount of the anchors, Loki may begin to interact with you somehow. But you will not encounter him until the very end, once all anchorpoints are destroyed and the way to his hiding place lies open, where you can finally confront and slay him.
    • Also, with this structure, I believe each island that houses an anchor point will need a design pass to make it a fun experience and designed challenge to reach the location. Like, each of those islands would have to be treated a bit like a separate level, with some puzzles and various other challenges to overcome. Some might be more involved than others. I think the islands of The Legend of Zelda: The Wind Waker can provide some inspiration of how this can be done.
    • I haven’t seen more than a few islands so far, so it could be some really tightly designed islands exist I haven’t yet seen myself.
    • With this radical change of the campaign structure I think the Single Player mode needs to be given some proper SP features as well, such as a pause feature when hitting Escape and bringing up the Game Menu.
    • Now, I know Age transition is supposedly in the game now as a means to ”rebuild” the world in case something hasn’t spawned properly. I’m a bit undecided on how to handle that as well as Death of the main character. I feel that having an eternally resurrecting Hero takes away from the tension. Feels like you can’t really lose. So I would personally like to see Death meaning Game Over and you’d have to reload your last save, and this means a manual save system might be useful. Or perhaps the game could save when you rest at a campfire or something, Dark Souls-style. Speaking of which, playing as an eternally resurrecting Hero in those games worked out pretty well, come to think of it….
    • This doesn’t deal with the issue of rebuilding the world, if that’s something the game really needs to have. I guess your character could remain immortal and keep getting resurrected, and each time you die that’s when the world gets rebuilt.
    • Ages could make an appearance as something else. Like Curses of different sizes caused by Loki or the blending and ”bleeding together” of the Nine Realms. So instead of Age of Night it would now be Curse of Night or something like that, and can either take the shape of a localized ”Loki zone”, or it might affect the whole of Midgard, like the Ages do now.

    What I’ve been talking about here would apply to the Single Player mode mainly, but it should work well enough in co-op too, hopefully.

    Down the line, I’d love to see an open world PvP mode added, but that should be quite different. I think this mode should be set just after the defeat of Loki in the campaign, and be just about humans forming clans and whatnot and begin to fight and stake out their territories.

    Here, building villages and claiming them for you Clan would be allowed all across the map, and it should be a different experience entirely from the campaign. This mode would probably be quite low on the list of priorities until the Campaign, co-op, and Deathmatch modes have reached much more acceptable states.

    I’ve already said what needed said about Deathmatch and those PvP modes. Need fleshing out, and Bringer of Pain’s points need to be implemented as thoroughly as possible.

    Ok so that’s what I got so far. Of course, actual details could change quite a bit, but these are my general thoughts on the whole thing. Naturally I haven’t touched on the smaller things like showing sheathed weapons on your character and such, but rather focused on the big things for this post.

    I’m still sure I forgot to bring something up, but I guess I can just add another post in this thread in that case.

    Good job if you read all of this! Go, you!


    • Combat, movement, traversal and control responsiveness needs to be MAIN FOCUS!
    • RUNE II needs to be realized as an ACTION/ADVENTURE GAME!
    • Loot, itemization and crafting need to be almost entirely removed as they add nothing. Weapons and  shields should be treated like in RUNE I. Weapons don’t break but shields will. Armor should be found and work similar to Fable. Crafting should be more survivalist themed, like placing campfire, cooking food, perhaps making simple spear, bow and arrows at most. No focus on being an expert weapon or armor smith. This function could appear in some form in your settlement (see below).
    • Rebuildables need to focus on ONE settlement you rebuild to form a bastion against Ragnarök and gather survivors around you, to add another layer of narrative to go alongside the quest to slay Loki. As your settlement grows, the power of your chosen god grows and allows things like blessing your weapons with their power at the village shrine, for example.
    • Exploration should be a MAIN FOCUS, and one should have reason to be excited about exploring a new island. The levelling system should be removed and replaced with finding Runes of Health/Stamina/Might to boost your Health/Stamina/Attack Power, respectively, expanded on from the Runes of Health in RUNE I. It would be similar to hunting for Heart Containers and Pieces of Heart in the Zelda series. You would also discover non-hostile NPC’s to invite to your village to progress your settlement. And with junk/random loot gone, finding a chest will always be rewarding and contain something of value, whether it is collecting armor pieces, or finding a unique weapon, or something else that will have value to you or your settlement. Environments need design pass to make exploring more fun.
    • Campaign/co-op needs to be reworked into a clear journey with a clear beginning, middle and end. Ages should be scrapped, as should the timer. Instead, following the narrative it will eventually reach the point where you discover that you need to travel to several different islands to locate and destroy items of power that Loki has turned into locks that helps keep him hidden away. Each item will be at the end of a challenge of some sort, with some narration thrown in. After all items are destroyed, the path to Loki lays open and you can finally face him and slay him. Doing so will roll the credits and story is done.
    • Deathmatch modes need a lot of fleshing out and polish to be made properly playable. This needs to be a MAIN FOCUS of the game!
    • Some time later, if things go well, the Open World PvP mode should be added and be set after the events of the Campaign so Loki is done and dusted and people begin to stake out their territories, leading to clans forming and clan wars. But this is not something to focus on right now.
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    • +1 to climbing ladders, ropes (some Rune I elements): Giving extra movement mechanics could bring new oportunities for extending the „exploration/find hidden places” aspect of the gameplay

    • +1 to adding crouch: same thing as above, there are gates and holes in walls that aren’t accessible currently, with crouching, again, the exploration aspect would be expandable.

    • -1 to wanting ARPG elements out of the game. I believe they are a good idea to implement in a game that is about replaybility. It just needs to be thought out better, ballanced for a fast paced gameplay. Actually, that’s what has to be decided: When the game wants to be fast paced and when it doesn’t. Is there a healthy middle solution? That must be figured out by the devs. I love the idea of having items with stats, but I also love challenges; working hard for a really special item, not thrown at my face randomly. I also want to see a difference between when I’m using a normal item and a magical item, to see that these plus stats really mean something, and not just for couple of minutes, and replace my weapons every 2 minutes. IF that could be solved in this RUNE II the devs want to create, that would be awesome.

    • +1 to crafting idea, it is indeed a good point not being a weapon smith as a simple warrior. Simple tools you could craft… but complicated ones… well… maybe by a friendly NPC? But I like the idea of learning the recipes of these items you find, but again, if you (devs) want to make a smith from a warrior, you gotta make the „path of learning” rewarding, because… again, it is kinda „thrown at your face”. The hero could make whatever items can be crafted right now, but with an evolution of learning: Making crappy Magical items at first, but with time, you level up, the hero becomes more experienced, and in the end he will create a much better version of that craftable, complicated item.

    • +1 to make rebuildables more rewarding and +1 to random NPCs around the world that could give you side-quests, you could help them, in exchange they could join you, as a party member, or transfer to one of your rebuilt house (this is kinda Fallout 4 mechanic). Giving hope to people is indeed a good, classic narrative to this whole Ragnarok story, would be fitting, +1 to that.

    • Campaign: +1 to make the beginning a little bit more linear, to hold the players hand a bit, but after a while it can become an „open-world/it’s up to you boy” non-linear thing. I think it just needs to be stretched more, give it a more healthy pace. This is needed in order to give all the game mechanics to the player in a more adequate rhythm, because right now yes, everything is just thrown at you, there is no … timeline these elements are connected to, it’s out of control.

    Right now, as you start, within 2 minutes you get gears, fight against enemies, within 5 minutes you have already built your first house, within 10 minutes you are destroying a Loki stone with it his Commander, a little-boss if you will. Too many things thrown at you in a really unhealthy way. Be more eager to stretch things, to make the rhythm a bit slower sometimes. Right now it’s almost a non-stop fast disco, trance song right from the begining til the end with random, unexpected breakdowns. Sometimes it would feel good to slow the tempo down, take a deep breath and so on, sometimes a TANGO or WALTZ could be good.

    The previous scenario in my mind would work like this: (1) The player within 5 minutes fights his enemies, get to know of the fighting mechanic, he gets his gear from these enemies.(2) After another 5 minutes he needs to get resources: food at first. (3) After another 5 minutes he needs to build a house, collects wood etc., you see, everything is much healthier, you get to know about this world in a slower but still good pace. (4) In 20 minutes after the Start of your game you have built your house, after 5 minutes you build your raft to go to the other island. And so on. Then you can get onto the fast disco tempo, big, huge fights, make the pacing a bit faster at every minute, then again, onto the TANGO/WALTZ, then fast disco, and so on.

    • EVER-RESURRECTING HERO: There must be punishment for Death, I give +1 to that; (1) I’d return to the alpha version of „losing your loot, you gotta get it back” kind of thing. That would be a good start. Or you could lose a little portion of your inventory, and with another death again another portion of your inventory is lost. (2) The hero getting weaker at every death for some time could also work: less damage, less max stamina/health for couple of minutes etc., or could also be weaker permanently, and only by leveling up you could fix your stats: Like every death would mean -2 stamina, -1 strength for example, and only by leveling up when your hero gets +5 stamina and strength, then it would just be +3 stamina, +4 strength… and so on. I don’t think SAVE GAME is needed at this game.

    • -1 for not liking the current Age mechanic. Sorry, I totally dig it, gives randomization, different spices at every age to the gameplay. It needs more Age tho, like sub-Ages, for example Age of Night would have 2 variations: The current one, and another one where it is PITCH BLACK, and freezing maybe and only with torches you could explore (just like in one of those dev-streams about the Age of Night, I want a really dark Age of Night). etc, there could be many-many variations, the devs could go crazy with that easily. Besides more variations of AGES would also be cool to have more variations of the enemies.

    It is indeed anticlimactic, you fight himtoo soon.

    SOLUTION: The Colossal Loki staring at you is an awesome idea. Leave him like this for couple of fights. Let his little minions, soldiers, captains take the fight against you at first, little bosse and such.
    So for the first 2 or 3 LOKI fights there would be only different numbers of waves of these minions, then for the 4th and 5th bigger bosses, and at the end LOKI would surprise you by coming down and fighting you.

    ANOTHER SOLUTION: Giving different type of fighting style to LOKI; yes, there are a few right now, like the thousand swords thrown at you, and the meteors. Give him FIVE more at least, and don’t make him fight in the same way everytime you fight him. Make different variations of his fighting style; once you will fight a LOKI who throws swords atyou, and do +2 special abilites, at the other encounter he does totaly different things, using different abilites. etc.

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    WORD !!!
    I second that for sure.

    My opinion is…


    Add some none survival and none open world content.
    I mean add it to the current game, not change it all.
    Like players who reached a specific state (got a house on lvl-whatever… etc) will be enabled to enter places
    (islands, dungeons and so on) which are linear and in itselfe story driven.
    I hate to do this comparison, but something like the WoW-Dungeons (just better) is what I imagine.


    What do most RUNE-fans want ?
    They want that fast paced brutal multiplayer melee combat feel they got in RUNE 1.
    DM in RUNE 2 is (as little as I played it) OK, but far away from what we adored in the old days.
    To me it´s not the combat system, or the ranged weapons (bow, spears…) that kill the feel.
    It´s just that RUNE 2 (atm) forces you to manage weapon durability and inventory & items.
    That´s all cool for SP/Coop, but in a deathmatch…..bah !
    I think for a good DM the weapons should be solid (no durabilty), most runes should be pickups that take effect instantly
    (berserk, health refill…etc), other runes could be items to carry along tho.
    Also armor… in a fair fight an armor-upgrade should be a pickup anyone can fetch.
    All in all I assume “less is more”…. keep it simple,
    what most RUNE-players loved about it´s multiplayer, was that “easy to learn & hard to master”-attitude.

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    I want the people in charge to get one thing straight. I have been 100% behind Rune II project the moment I became aware of it. Rune classic gave us the ability to see the names of players in a server. This is basic stuff. To say Rune IIs marketing campaign was shaky is an understatement. Dev streams and YouTube videos, FB page or Instagram is not enough. Especially when operation was migrated to Epic Games from Steam. I realize the dev team is small, and James could not do everything by himself. That being said, now Human Head Studios is no more, and Rune II is Bethesda. We appreciate reassurances that Rune II will continue development, and that we can expect patches, updates and new content. You talk about transparency, well that’s great. We have been transparent about what we need to be in Rune II. BringerOfPain in a sense created a roadmap for what needed to be addressed in combat mechanics, bugs, and quality of life. Of course, not everything that we want could get done before the launch. Now you have probably 6-8 months before a projected Steam launch. You can still save Rune II from being a complete disaster. USE the community. It’s the best one I ever saw, in any video game, hands down. Select the best volunteers, give them access; let the them help you fix this mess. What was released can’t even touch Rune Classic, which for the millionth time I declare the best video game of its type ever made. I don’t say anything like this out of anger, I say it out of LOVE for Rune. Make Rune II worthy of Rune Classic, that’s your job. This thread is full of excellent ideas. STUDY it!

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    I agree with most of everything Torulf mentions here. The RPG and loot elements are extraneous and undeveloped, and more focus should be put on the things Torulf describes as foundational (combat, PVP, exploration). There should also not be a future patch (like Arena) without first overhauling the entire combat. Releasing a mod kit should also be high priority.

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    I totally agree with Terminus suggestion about involving the community members.

    I’m thinking in particular to get their help porting at least one map over from Rune Classic Deathmatch into Rune II. I think this would be a brilliant way to try to lock the feel of DM down.

    If the inventory system is largely done away with so things like runes are activate on pickup, then placing runes and weapons in the Classic map and trying that out will be immensely helpful for testing, as IMO, the two current DM maps don’t have a very good flow or layout at the moment. (I’m sure they can be overhauled to work much better though).

    Totally agree with BoP as well about combat needing fixed before adding more game styles. And again, using a Rune Classic map for testing the combat would probably be hugely helpful as well.

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    Bringer of Pain and Torulf already pointed it out.
    There has to be some “classic style” multiplayer implemnted soon,
    otherwise you´ll loose ALOT of committed fans in no time.
    Give them a little candy, like Torulf mentioned, just one remake of a classic DM-map.
    I suggest DM-Hildir.
    Small one, easy (quick) to recrate and one of the most popular DM-maps ever.

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    I’d add that converting old Rune maps into Unreal 4 is pretty easy. The only concerns would be retexturing and adjusting spawn points and weapons.

    I already know that HH was aware, and was capable of making such conversions, but this post should hopefully serve as a good reminder to the next Dev team about what’s possible.

  • #11785

    Here’s a new addition to my thoughts on the narrative. I posted this in the Discord but thought it best to put it here as well.

    Unless I missed something there’s no mention in the narrative that you need a special weapon to kill Loki. Please correct me if I’m wrong.
    Seems to me that Heimdall should know about this before he sends you to Vigrid the first time. I mean he too is a god.
    Heimdall should say something like…

    “Alas, no weapon made by mere mortals will be able slay Loki.”

    Then another branch of the narrative, going by my suggestions, would be to locate and claim a godslayer weapon.
    Having it part of the actual narrative would be far better than having it at the end of some random crafting path. I mean how can our character even be skilled enough to craft these things? This is dwarf level stuff!

    Thus, the narrative branches as suggested by me would be:

    I: Find out where and how Loki hides and work to break the seal to get there.

    II: Obtain a godslayer weapon. It would be different weapons depending on what god you side with. It would be cool if we actually got to hunt down and interact with a dwarf mastersmith to forge/reforge a weapon for us as part of this “quest”.

    III: Rebuild ONE settlement as a bastion against Loki and Ragnarök, gathering survivors around you and reigniting hope.

    Needless to say, you’d be following these three narrative branches simultaneously. So while you quest to break the seal to Loki’s hiding place, you also rebuild your settlement as well as search for a godslayer weapon – though it may take until you progressed maybe halfway through the main objective before Heimdall or whichever god you follow locate one or set you on the path to claim such a weapon.

    Again, hopefully these ideas could be implemented fairly easily, relatively speaking. I believe this three-pronged approach to the Campaign narrative would provide a pretty solid storydriven experience.

  • #11821

    I’m hoping like hell this gets turned around. As of now it’s all a hot mess, and I can’t find anyone even playing online! I’ve been waiting since rune 1 for this game to come out too. I pre-ordered the game and Epic sent me a game key to give away, but honestly I can’t think of anyone that would want it…I’ll ask Cujo and Gillinger if they want it. But what a let down.

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