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    Today I got an email providing me my “…code for the pre-order tier you selected along with an additional Warrior Pack code that you are receiving as part of the Rune II pre-order program.” I redeemed the code provided on the Epic Game Store, as much as that rankles seeing as I backed with Steam in mind, but the Epic Games Store says it’s only for the “Rune II Official Game Soundtrack”.

    I was one of the earliest backers on Xsolla for the “God Slayer” tier, so that’s clearly not right. How can I get the correct code? Thanks in advance.

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    I too received an email with pre-order code and one for a friend. I redeemed the one code for me and it is the Soundtrack ? I also pre-ordered God Slayer version when it was first offered. The email also said the following …. ” with an additional Warrior Pack code that you are receiving as part of the Rune II pre-order program.” There was no other code received other than the two I mentioned.

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    Hi Phileosophos, that should not be the case, sorry you’re having problems. Can you try restarting the EGS and going back to the game’s store page? If you had EGS open before the game was released it could need to refresh.

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    I tried rebooting EGS as well PC knowing all to well it wont work being I see a shortcut made on my desktop saying “Rune II Official soundtrack ” and not a Rune II shortcut.

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    Could the game have been put in your library without you noticing/making it explicit that it’s being downloaded?

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    FWIW, I opened the Epic Games Store app only when I got the key. I don’t normally leave it running. However, exiting and restarting it now shows Rune II as part of my library, and the store page now shows that I own the “God Slayer” variant. I’ll try to install and see how that goes. Thanks!

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    Found it .. all is well.. THANK YOU !!

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    Great to hear! Thanks.

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    For the time traveler that finds this thread in the future:

    Hi. Make sure you have selected the Filter: “All” in the Epic Games Library, and not just “Installed.”


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