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    Feedback: Overall, I had a great experience and it feels close to the awesomeness I had at LAN-Parties when I was a little teen. Thinks I disliked:

    (1) Bows: They feel too op. They should not feel like semi-automatic weapons.

    (2) Pikes: The best melee weapon atm. For me, it feels like the trade-off between carring a long weapon and its lacking blocking-power is too small. The pike should be more realistic – meaning that thrust-attacks should be slower and should offer the oponent more time to strike heavy attacks, when missed.

    (3) Berserker Rage: Im not sure, if its a good idea to completly recude incoming damage to 0. Players that are stacking runes are almost unkillable, even when there is a cooldown-timer.

    (4) shield/weapon combo: The shield feels obsolete. They damage output with a one-handed weapon is low and the shield does not offer enough blocking-power compared to two-handed weapons. Is there even an Idea for shield-attacks / counter-attacks that heavily weakens the enemies defence?

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    Thanks for the feedback Tobi! We’re having conversations internally about where ranged weapons fit in a game focused on melee combat. We’re talking about “rune stacking” too. Pikes and shield/weapon combos are something that we’re having a lot of discussions about. Nothing specific I can talk about yet, but I promise we’re listening to and evaluating all the feedback we get.

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