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    Howdy Devs,

    I just have come across several very serious bugs with the quests. On 2 different characters all the side quests keep resetting. On one character the Hel’s Axe side quest reset and is now stuck on 2/5 Draguars killed thus completely removing me ever obtaining the armor set from the full quest line. On my other character it keeps resetting quests and Thor’s hammer and hammersmith quests also.

    • Build number: 1.1.14394
    • Detailed description of bug: Multiple quest bugs
    • Can you reproduce this? Yes, every time I reload the game the quests bug out and reset.
    • If reproducible, what steps did you take to reproduce this? Complete a quest, reload the game and the quests reset.
    • What were you doing before it happened? Started playing a previous save.
    • About how long was your current play session? Irrelevant to the issue.
    • Screenshot or Video of the issue? N/A

    System specs
    • Operating System: Windows 10 64bit
    • CPU: Ryzen 5 1600
    • GPU: Radeon RX 5600XT
    • RAM: 8GB

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    Can you please upload and send us your bugged savefile?

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    How do I go about doing that? Where is it saved to?

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    And to add on. Just got the recent patch and I cannot re-align with the different gods. The quest also reset and popped up but it has me stuck to Hel and Thor on both characters I have. Also the horde attacks on villages don’t stop at all. They just keep going and going. Also villagers are all lvl 1 and get destroyed by horde enemies coming in. They have zero chance to survive. Cannot pick up rewards near the statues. Statues are in the wrong villages. For instance Odin whatever town has Thor statue. Hel village has Odin statue and Thor village has Hel statue. It’d be my suggestion to revert the hordes. It’s unfun with how it is currently. Also the longhouse changes are not fun either. At least make a quest to rebuild the workbenches in them. They are completely pointless to build now. Also during hordes archers spawn but don’t shoot and can block but don’t attack back. It’s like they’re some completely different enemy type that should have different weapons but they don’t.

    Even on a new character the Hel’s Axe quests are bugged. Also just realized the viking hand axe is the bronze hand axe. The viking version doesn’t exist.

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    How lovely all my updates on new things I found just vanished.

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    Where to even begin with all the bugs. All statues are in the wrong towns, cannot re-align to a different god, Hel’s Axe quests are still bugged, all quests completely reset back to initiate status upon reloading a save file. Horde mode is completely bugged out and never ends, archers during horde modes do not shoot but run in and do nothing but can block, villagers are lvl 1 and die almost instantly and do not even have any chance to stop the statue from being destroyed. Longhouse changes are bad and completely defeats the purpose of building one now. Viking hand axe doesn’t exist and instead it crafts just a bronze hand axe, dodging is still a complete mess and often will launch you very far. Frame rates are even worse now with this last update. FOV will often just randomly set itself closer than it should be, setting it to a greater distance fixes it until it decides to bug out and put it at the correct value making it so you have to adjust it again. I love that you are all trying to update and breathe life into the game but this last update made it even worse than fixing anything. Also what even is the point of crafting when everything crafted is greatly outclassed by drops? There needs to be some sort of random perks tied to crafted weapons and armor to make it even worth creating. I’d almost go as far to say completely revert this last update. It broke so many things in the game.

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