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    I realized that there is no deathmatch server in europe, so i joined a DM server in the US. But this wasn’t that DM that i expected. It was just that coop-stuff with “friendly-fire” switched on. Furthermore i didn’t see any team-deathmatch server online.
    I think people loved Rune 1 for great matches and clanwars on maps like Hildir or Thorstadt or the great arena-mode with maps like Champions or SmeltingPot and I wonder if something similar will be possible with Rune II? (People didn’t love Rune 1 for singleplayer or coop!)

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    Yeah, I may have missed something regarding the TDM because there was Deathmatch and stuff during the betas. I’m sure they’ll place it into the game, it just might be a few weeks or something.

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    Not sure what is going on with TDM, but I tested and it worked fine. You could see your teammates tags even with obstacles and it was easy to roam together looking for opposing team. I hope that if it is not on initial release that they add it. Arena is planned for the future. With Bethesda at the helm, we just have to hope they follow through with this important game mode. In my mind, Rune II without Arena would be bad because much of the community loved playing Arena for organized dueling and skill building. Still, the release has enough meat on the bone to go out and have fun with your friends.

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