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    Rune Classic had a linear story. An amazing 42 levels or near that each with its own challenges and NPCs to battle. Ragnar trained with Ulf in the village, he rode on a long ship that exploded and sank.
    The story seemed to go on and on with amazing voice acting by Lee Ernst and others.

    Then game designers started to question this format. People criticized games like this for being “too linear” and not having enough re-play value. I felt the linear quest worked very well in the original Rune game. Maybe HH thought they don’t need to provide a training campaign for Rune-iacs in Rune 2. The story was often called epic. Isn’t that what adventure type video games are all about — their stories — usually told with a linear progression?

    From the alpha and beta testing, Rune 2 appears to have amazing graphics and a new art style. The island battles look fun and the sailing is a nice change of pace. I guess what I don’t see is how all of this new stuff fits together with a story… or we already know the story?

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