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    This post is intended to do the following;
    * Mention a visual ambiguity when identifying a Light vs Heavy attack
    * Confirm that there truly IS a difference (logic wise) irregardless of visual ambiguity.
    * Identify a potential “hack” that can be done when using Heavy attacks in hopes that you can look into it.

    [Original observation]
    Light (lATK) vs Heavy attack (hATK) – So the input controls specify that for each weapon there is a Light and a Heavy attack. I was unable to notice a visual difference for most of the beta in the two for both two handed and one handed weapons. It wasn’t until conscious testing that I began noticing the difference. I tested this using the (one handed) Viking sword, and Hatchet and (two handed) Iron Spear and Great sword and Hammer.

    [Visual Ambiguity]
    I remapped lATK to left mouse and hATK to right mouse and tested each weapon back and forth and at first was unable to notice a visual difference for single button presses. Both in the animation and attack speed. For one handed, the hATK was as fast as the lATK.
    However, on continuous button pressing is where I noticed the difference. For hATK there was only (right to left) forward swings, whereas for the lATK there was (right to left) forward swings and back (left to right) swings. I ran the test for the weapons above and they all exhibited the same behaviour.
    The exception is the Iron Spear, which I will explain below, as this is the culprit to the “hack”.
    In short, there IS a visual difference in Light vs Heavy attacks but it is not obvious to the untrained eye, or the newcommer, or even me playing 2 days (before today total of like 6+ hours).

    [Confirmation of internal difference in Light vs Heavy]
    There is a difference regardless of subtle visuals because if I remap hATK to the primary fire button (left click) and attempt to throw items I cannot. If I map lATK back to primary fire I can. This makes sense, since the game is probably looking for the lATK registration – not whatever is mapped to primary fire. So, even if it’s not visually obvious there is something genuinely happening behind the screen.
    In addition the hATK and lATK, while having the same BEGIN animation, have drastically different END animation which is another case for the potential “hack”

    [Heavy Attack Hack]
    Summary, if you button spam lATK vs hATK the hATK is actually faster, and will yield more hits, more damage, and seems unfair.
    Below I will show by sheer numbers that this exists. I will spam the attack button for both lATK and hATK for two weapons in a defined time frame and show the results.
    For the test a “hit” means when the attack animation “would” have made contact with an enemy.
    * Weapons: Great Sword and the Iron Spear.
    * Time Interval: 10 seconds

    * Great Sword lATK: 12 hits
    * Great Sword hARK: 14 hits
    Great Sword can hit 2 more heavy hits than light in a 10 second period.

    * Iron Spear lATK: 12 hits
    * Iron Spear hATK: 18 hits
    Iron Spear can hit 6 more heavy hits than light in a 10 second period (this is the hack).

    Given this data, I started only using the spear hATK and was CONSIDERABLY more deadly.
    In a 1v1 of similar health, no matter what weapon the enemy had (aside from fire or long range) I won significantly more. Using the same 1v1 but with lATK only, it was back to a more random distribution of who is actually better.
    But when spamming the spear hATK I didn’t have to be better than the enemy because I could hit them almost twice as fast.

    I just wanted to bring notice to this as I don’t think it was intended.
    (At least to me) A “Heavy” attack will be slower, and take longer to execute BUT yield more damage per 1 hit than a light attack. Unfortunately this is not how it’s currently working, as I showed you can hit the heavy attack faster than the light.

    Hope this helps!


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