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    Hey y’all. I have an exciting development update to share with you today!

    As we mentioned in our December 30 update, Ragnarok Game LLC (“Ragnarok”) obtained source code and assets of RUNE II. The Ragnarok Development Team has been hard at work going through the ins and outs of figuring out what is needed to do in order to rebuild Rune II. The exciting news is that we are able to begin updating RUNE II!

    Shortly after RUNE II released on November 12, 2019, it was brought to our attention that the localization for Spanish, French, Italian, German, and Russian was not fully implemented. Our plan is to fix this with a patch coming shortly. No other changes are expected to be made at this time.

    After confirming that this localization patch has been successful, the Ragnarok Dev Team will begin working on a patch that addresses the top critical issues we have seen reported.

    Hereโ€™s where you come in:
    A new channel has been set up in our official Discord ( called #patch-voting. We encourage you, the community, to vote on what issues you want to see prioritized and fixed in this first update. This channel will remain open until Friday, January 17, 2020. The Ragnarok Dev Team’s goal is to put out this Quality of Life patch towards the end of January.

    Some reported issues will not make it into this Quality of Life patch. This is the first of many patches we intend to publish in our ongoing support of support RUNE II.

    Thank you for playing our game.

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    Hello gona respond to above being a unreal 4 indie dev and into game design for over 20+ years im gona say im not very optimistic that your going to Rebuild the entire game after spending 3.5 million on it already……no offense guys i understand Human Head completely crapped on this entire thing i try to stay postive but as im probably gona be one of the only people that even bothers commenting on this as last i looked game was dead and there had not been single player on for days which turned into weeks know on the Rebuilding no one has done such a thing after the game is already released player base established i wish you guys tons of luck but in end itl end up broken mess due to how unreal 4 blueprint stuff works..

    Know better thing to say to people is your going to fix the game and polish it and make it awesome..this is more reality than Rebuilding an entire game from inside out which is unheard of after its been released and is dead in water in current state …..ill see what happens but you guys have to know as well everyone seen the article on the 100$ million dollar lawsuite you filed on human head in CA for not handing over the source and assets…people will stay away from a game with shady history already you guys may want to do some postive publicity and before making unheard of promises of rebuilding anything gain the trust in the players again that feel utterly hurt and burnt on this thing and money they spent on it with said postive publicity and show them solid stuff not words and promises…if you guys arent careful itl train wreck into the dirt and nothing will save this sad mess unfortunatly…ill suppport you guys i know what this all must have been like on you all and boils down to Human Heads utter lack on responsibilities and professionalisim

    Wish you tons of luck with this guys ๐Ÿ™‚

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    On a dev stand point below is list of things i would concentrate on and at top of list

    AI polishing(so its not dumb as a rock) and Nav mesh optimizing-this will make the game run alot better when in combat why the fps tanking at times game uses IK animation setup and a Nav Mesh in world
    I have some AI ideas on how to make it more realistic with a self adapting system thatl learn from players combat skills…more self aware too and will work in better groups for flanking of player so there not runing directly at you every time with same AI thinking

    Weather system fixing implement Tru Sky real time weather plugin and create new weather particle systems that look better to use with it or can be acquired on marketplace to save dev time as well…polish day and night cycle speed and polish the Ages(should be like a season) which goes by way to fast when compared to day and night cycle…..

    Polish the controls and control setup for controllers…weapon switching needs work baddly
    Reduce the amount of loki raining fire balls down on you annoying game killing bs right there at later levels…id exe it comeplely so player isnt pressured to explore the land and world…and it isnt ruined with fire balls all the time and lokis damn laugh

    Fix sound issues ,various reported game play issues so game base is solid and MP solid as well
    Polish animations ect
    Polish boat use with added animation while using boat ect
    Water needs optimizing as well fps hits while using the boat due to water body being dynamic

    Fix various collision issues with meshes and terrain and player bound volumes that blockplayer in enviorment so you dont get hung up or stuck into stuff anymore or fall through terrain ect

    I recommend InstaMesh LOD plugin for mesh LOD optimization as well this will help tons with performance averall

    After the above then look into redesigning ,implementing new stuff or reworking current stuff
    If you guys try doing oppisite without addressing the game bugs and current issues and polishing the core base game before adding new stuff ect game will become more broken down the road…also be careful with how patches are applied as well i seen a few games have nightmare nonsense with way patches are done and applied to base game build…

    I have some design ideas on a better combat setup includes slow mo kill cam(this is avalible of marketplace slow mo setup ๐Ÿ˜‰ that is cinematic with dismembering of enemy instead of wack him arm flys off…if you guys would like some design input id love to help on this im currently working on tank warefare simulator on unreal 4 but i do have bit of free time dont mind i love Rune and the ideas i have would make the combat killer instead of generic and clunky typical 3rd person hack and slash fare

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