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    Suppose weapons didn’t have rune powers, but individual runes did. You find a burning rune of fire somewhere and insert it into your sword, you sword then becomes engulfed in flame. These could also combine with individual weapon types. Blunt weapons like the battle hammer might send out a fire shock wave when they hit the ground, but a sword would leave a big firey trail that can cut people in half.

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    This could be interesting. Having the particular family of weapons having some effect on how they are used. Im still not 100% sold on power runes returning. But, its hard to ignore that the added focus on the pve might make stuff like this more desirable.

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    Now we are talking. Excellent idea Emmix! Good to see you here max attentive. I just recently found out. Indeed, perhaps it should be difficult to craft socketed weapons, and maybe somewhat difficult to find the runes themselves, or they could be common power ups, like Destiny. I do hope they pay homage to the original Rune, and in this respect, I really don’t think HH is going to disappoint. The key is for them to maintain the fluidity of movement in combat and balance the weapons. Ideally, the game should have PvE Co-OP, and PvP, TDM/DM – Arena options, but I find it unlikely that the game will truly feel like the original. It has the potential to be much more simply because of improved tools/technology. In a sense, it’s good it took this long. Will they give the community the power to mod in this day and age? Whatever the powers that be decide to do will never satisfy all hardcore Runers. For me, it’s like a dream come true. I trust in whatever remains of this community, that shows up, and many will, can find a way to have fun; like we once did. The best thing we can always do is be good testers and give the devs feedback. I love that it will be on Steam. We are going to see many old friends.

    Remember who we are Human Head Studios. Some of the most hardcore Runers ever! 

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    Rune powers could make or break both pve and pvp. There are a few things to consider with how runes could be implemented though. They could be either powerfull, but temporary, like in the original game, or more subtle permanent enhancements. Also they could either be weapon specific, like classic, or specific of the rune itself. It could also have nothing to do with weapons. Like temporary buffs or an enchantment tied to a trinket from the gods or some shit.

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