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    After receiving my Collector’s Edition of Pillars of Eternity II, I felt I needed to make this post.


    Just post what your ideal RUNE: Collector’s Edition would look like and include.


    Mine is;


    • A Collector’s Edition which was offered at a discount to people who already bought the game, with the more expensive digital versions offering a larger discount, up to 50% for those who purchased the God Slayer Edition.
    • The box itself is reminiscent of the Rune Classic box of its’ day. It is of similar (or even slightly larger) size and has a nice, textured granite look, with runic script and other icons and symbols scattered across the surface in key, pleasing locations.
    • It contains a physical DRM-free copy of the game in a nice case. Either made from high quality paper or cardboard, or a steel book. The game could come on either DVD/Blu-ray, an SD card or USB memory stick.
    • A nice, high quality manual containing snippets of lore, story and some artwork, just like the original.
    • A pleasingly designed, dedicated book containing the Artwork of RUNE. Perhaps with some other behind-the-scenes or lore- content as well.
    • A worn, well-made map of the game world made out of some nice, thick, textured material, with various nordic and runic symbols drawn in the peripherals. Such as the vegvisir compass.
    • An object or two. Something small, like the coin replica in the Oblivion CE. Perhaps a scale 1:2 or 1:3 replica of a Rune of Health.
    • A RUNE soundtrack CD.
    • A mousepad.


    There you go. I think I listed everything I’d reasonably wish for in a CE. 😛

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    I don’t really care what exactly it should contain, but physical disk with an dvd-box should exist. No option. It would be great, if you will redisign original Rune box onto dvd box version. The first game comes out in the different box format. Some fans can kill, for the sake of Odin, for the rare dvd box, i believe. I vote for 2 dvd boxes with classic game and current version.

    idk, maybe they can put lizzard in the box, lmao, or make an rare Ragnar action figure, sized as Colonial Marines power loader figure 😀

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    What else would you like to see?

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