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    is this like conan\ark where when you log out and your building is still standing and can get raided and all that?

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    They will be Deathmatch with up to 16 Players on one Map.More Maps are planed after Launch if im correct.

    It is nothing similar to Conan and Ark,Rune 2 is an Action RPG Open World Game.

    On Release they will be Online PvE/Co-Op with Friends and Deathmatch with one map. More to come after Launch.

    That’s everything i know so far.

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      one last question. I saw on one of the streams that when you die you drop all your items. does this mean if you die before you reclaim your items you lose it for good? (and how will it work for co-op when you or partner dies in your world) just asking cause I’ve jumped into to games that have this type of system and have been really let down before. But I am really interested in this style of game.

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      No you do not lose your items after death,only weapons you had in your hands equipped ,but you can go back and pick these weapons up if you want.

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