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    Greetings warriors! During our Deathmatch Beta you may encounter some behavior that isn’t intended. To help us expedite the bug squashing process, please provide the following information:

    • Build number:
    • Detailed description of bug:
    • Can you reproduce this?
    • If reproducible, what steps did you take to reproduce this?
    • What were you doing before it happened?
    • About how long was your current play session?
    • Screenshot or Video of the issue?

    The build number can be found on the main menu screen in the lower right corner. Additionally if you have any media such as a screenshot, video, or GIF that shows the issue, please attach it within your post. For screenshots/GIFs: is a great uploader. For videos: YouTube is a great place to host them.

    Where to find the build number

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    Known issues:

    • Teleport runes have a chance to fail.
    • You’ll see the same tip on loading screens always.
    • You are given the option to cook over the braziers. That opens your inventory but does nothing.
    • Bodies may die standing up.
    • Weapons will go invisible occasionally.
    • Male corpses may have their skin vanish when dead, but not their clothes.
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    Build 0.0.23T

    I spawned on top of a slanted rock (probably not intended to be able to stand on) and my player was in a semi crouched (I know you can’t crouch but shorter than standing position) position floating through the air.
    I could move with WASD but couldn’t get back to the ground.

    I was unable to reproduce – maybe it only happens on spawn, every other surface I tried to get stuck on acted as I’d expect.

    It was about 45 minutes into the Deathmatch.

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      Same thing happened to me I actually floated like a balloon over the map it was weird I think you were in the game when I was too. the only way to stop it was suicide my player.I was playing for about an hour or so.

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    Build Number: 0.0.23T

    Mouse works in menus, but no ingame mouselook.
    Esc-key seems not to work at all.

    Tried updating the drivers for mouse and keyboard, no diffrence.

    System: Win10 64-bit
    CPU: Intel Core i7-6700k 4.00GHz
    RAM: 32Gb
    Graphic: Nvidia GeForce GTX970
    Keyboard: Logitech G15
    Mouse: Logitech G Pro Gaming Mouse

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    Build Number: 0.0.23T

    – Players can still move while holding suicide key. Client-side animation and movement becomes choppy. (Noticed by Sanfard)

    – Dying with the main menu open will leave the main menu open upon respawn, but will hide the cursor.

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    Build 0.0.23T
    Have a server count of 3, but cannot see any servers to connect to.

    *edit, im in Australia, I think I may have got the days and times wrong! 🙁

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