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    So far I have played roughly 3-4 hours of the beta. I run into the same problem. I can be standing on top of another player, Swing and hit that player, have dmg #s, have blood splatter and do absolutely no dmg to that player.

    This is something that needs to be fixed. It is extremely frustrating to hit a player over and over only to die to that player because none of your hits registered.

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    [Day 2]

    It seems to only really be an issue with two handed weapons.
    1 handed weapons seem pretty good.

    For two handed weapons – particularly the great sword – here is my observation.
    If you’re up close and get a hit – pretty much every subsequent hit connects. However if you’re within a further fight, but still within (at least visual) range of the enemy, there seems to be an odd “deadzone” where sometimes on my screen it looks like the upper 1/3 of the sword is swinging through the enemy, but they’re not taking damage.
    After a while when this would happen I learned to disengage from the fight and try another approach to get in closer; which actually worked pretty well.

    It’s possible this doesn’t seem as prevalent in 1 handed weapons since you naturally have to be closer anyways.
    I find that a block/slash reset combo works nicely. I really enjoy the speed of the one handed weapons.

    Bows seem to be completely fine.

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    Hit detection and registration during melee combat is an issue that we are aware of. We didn’t see a ton of it pop up during our internal playtests, which is exactly why having these public betas is so important for us.

    Thanks for helping us test RUNE II and make it the best it can be!

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    Good to hear! Glacialnut and I tested the hit detection on a west coast server and I noticed personally that it only happened 1/2 of the time that it did on an East Coast server. I think the latency #s on the server option list is slightly off lol. It says that from being West Cost and playing on an European server I am only getting a 16ms ping. I don’t believe that is accurate. Maybe something else that could be throwing people off.

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    There are sometimes issues about someone being literally “immortal”, especially when we are attacking with 1 handed weapons. Persistent attacks on them, still nothing, and they don’t have berserk rune on them, but we are getting damage though.

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    For me, this issue happened most of the time when I was using the pike or enemies did.

    Thrust-attacks, that should only deal damage to targets in front of me hit players, that where standing beside or at angles were they were safe got hit by “double W” attacks.

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