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    Hey guys,

    So I absolutely love how this game is shaping up from an unplayable mess at the start, to something that runs well, looks great and plays pretty damn well on top of it all. There’s just one thing.. I can’t figure out quite how to beat this game 😀 That is, ok, I get it, the first few ages you absolutely cannot beat Loki.. he doesn’t even show up or he teleports away. But, how many ages are you meant to go through before he becomes actually beatable? Because, right now, I had to give up after like an hour or so in the fourth age (Age of Darkness) because every single time I got his shield down he just teleported away. I had all the artifacts, too. Yeah, sure, he leaves a neat chest, but I gather you are not meant to beat him at this stage.. yet. So… when? 😀

    On that note, what happens when you DON’T follow the objectives and DON’T have at least 2 artifacts per age.. does he simply rewind time like he would ANYWAY cept you avoid the chance for extra loot? Because, after playing this game a lot so far, I’m almost thinking the ideal way to play it is focusing the first 4-5 ages on exclusively grinding the everloving shit out of combat and chopping down trees and stuff, just hardcore rebuilding the place everywhere you can so you can have a more friendly map in later ages. Is that what you’re supposed to do? Is there any “best way to go about it”,or am I missing something and you could theoretically beat the bastard early on already?!

    Thanks 🙂

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    You can defeat Loki once you reach level 31 and craft a realm weapon.

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    Ah, cool. So, really, then, it’s best to just try to level and build as hard as you can before then, and only if you want to risk better loot you’d need to gather those artifacts and stuff? Then again, took me a while to realize that you only need to bring them to pretty much any of your houses (ruined homesteads usually have a bifrost gate outside), so actual artefact gathering doesn’t necessarily take that much time, I guess.

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