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    While we understand that horned helmets aren’t exactly historically accurate, they do look pretty badass. Here’s a sample of some of the headwear you can equip to protect yourself during Ragnarok. Which one will you be wearing?

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    Hmm… decisions decisions…idk they all look cool but look too manly for me to want to make a big habit of wearing. that spiked helm reminds me of the one he wore in gladiator. personally i want to be able to wear a black hood on my head. a black robe type undergarment that comes equipped with a nice big hood that kinda shadows me in would be perfect for me. Got anything for the ladies to want to wear? im already rocking the pigtails cause like gets stated in rune classic  that its good for “the gripping” and hope i will be able to in game just cause of that line that an npc uses in rune classic.

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    Broken antlers all day every day! 🙂

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    Very badass designs, and I love the detail!

    Top left or top right for me. Very Death Dealer-esque.

    I assume we’re gonna get other types than the spectacle helmet too.

    Like the nasal helmet;


    and the barbute helmet;


    Now, I know the barbute is 15th C italian, but it just looks so badass, especially with horns. Plus, barbute literally means “bearded”. So I rest my case.


    In addition to helmets, as Feeder of Crows says, I also hope we get a wide assortment of hoods, headguards, headbands, circlets and animal heads etc.

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      Seconding the ability to wear animals heads; I want to be able to equip the heads of the dragons I slay… on my head! 😀

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      Absolutely. We have more helmets on the way. I got a preview yesterday and they’re looking awesome.

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    uhhh.. for that dragon head to fit on your head without crushing your whole body cause even the heads far bigger than you with your average dragon then i guess you would have to slay the beast right after it hatches. maybe you can find a rather large and ferocious lizard and eat the body (goes down good with mead) and wear the head?

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    the viking berzerkers wore animal heads on their heads to frighten enemies so i agree that animal heads should be an option.

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