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    Today is December 21, the shortest day of the year – The Yule. Time to celebrate, my fellow warriors and beautiful dames.  You can go ski-walking in the forest, shoot bows if you have one or just have a big mug of good mead then raid on servers and chop off some fresh heads.

    The Yule celebration lasts 7 days so theres lots of things to do. Today Ill have 3 mugs of ale. Firs for this good community – small but strong, the second to Human head who work their asses off to present the quality product, the third – for the epochal game they make. Cheers!

    BTW, HH guys aren`t you gonna show us something in these special days?

    Again, happy Yule everyone! Stand tall.

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    Hey all!

    Happy holidays again. I know not everyone here are into Norse religion, but still, the best wishes to all the community!

    Cheers for you, the devs and this great game!

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