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    Hi fellow RUNE-addicts,
    some of you might know the “unfinished SP-campaign” I started years (or more a decade) ago.
    Well, there´s more of that….I was just clearing up one of my external harddrives and found a later version of
    that SP-campaign which includes several more (playable) maps and a (ingame) cinematic intro.
    It´s all still unfinished stuff (and will most likely stay unfinished since RuneEd wont work on modern systems).
    BUT, it´s still 2-3 hours of singleplayer-fun, if you can hold out some bugs and remains of a storyline that wont go on I´ll release it.
    My question is….is there interest for “Haltyr´s Unfinished SP Volume II ?”
    If so I´ll try to put the files (a shitload of ´em) together for a downloadable version.

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    Haltyr, yes, I would totally be keen to play that!

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    I’d be down to try it, yeah.

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    Ok, putting the files together, gonna take a while.

    Meanwhile, some facts:

    There are 9 more maps,
    the Intro-map (Hounding For Revenge) which introduces the fairly developed (unfinished know ^^) plot.
    And the following one (Crab Hunt) which connects the intro with the first map of the older release (Hidden Caves).
    Then there´ll be all 10 of the known maps (some a little improved).

    Goblin lair
    Shadow And Flame
    Zombie Ritual
    Cold Mountains
    A Cold Bath
    Cold Mountain Village (that was the prototype for DM-NorthernLights btw)
    A Long Way Down
    Frozen Fjord
    Harbour Of Hard Knocks

    Where the old release ended (the Arenafighter-map after the Harbour Of Hard Knocks), it goes on with:

    The Twin Dungeon
    The Twin Dungeon Part II
    Hot Town
    Hot Town Part II
    Hot Town Sewers
    And It Burns Burns Burns…
    At The Cliffs

    At The Cliffs is the map where I quit (there´s a much more advanced version but without RuneEd I can´t include it),
    so it´s the most unfinished one, or let´s say…..there´s the dead end and that´s it 😉


    Since english isn´t my native language (I´m german), most of the text ingame seems a bit wierd (grammar etc),
    it´s as I wrote it while mapping, see it like alpha…..done…correction later 😉

    Plot leftovers:

    There will be several situations (I think there´s even a cinematic with Tirulf´s ethereal form) where parts of the plot
    are told, they make no sense at all, those were just tryings… ignore them.

    Ok, so much for that.
    Gonna need some time to connect the files into a small .zip and to figure out how to host them best….
    …`till then…CHOP SOME HEADS OFF !!!

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    RuneED works fine on modern systems, it became a bit more complicated than just dropping the EdFix files inside the folders though.

    ( but I made a new .zip file lately that makes it really easy )


    If you want to get it working, you might join our Discord for RUNE ( unofficial ) here -> <- so that I can help you out. =)

    If theres no interest in joining our community there whatsoever – I could also upload it for you here.

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    SWEEET !!!

    Gonna check that out for sure, thx alot Slade.

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    YAY !!! RuneEd works again !!!

    Now since Slade helped me getting the editor to work on Win10, it will take a little longer before I release Vol. II.

    BUT therefore I have the chance to make it nicer for you all.

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      After watching some of Slade’s stream of the campaign, there’s no doubt that volume II will be worth the wait:

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    Don´t have the time to finish the campaign entirely (would take month……I know Slade wants to convince me to do so 😉 ).

    But the first two weeks of May I got holidays, so I at least got enough time to polish/finish the existing maps,

    add a final one (BOSSFIGHT !!!) and a cinematic outro with credits and stuff.

    Then it´s about time for me to start learning the newest UnrealEd-version, didn´t do any mapping for ages,

    so there´s a shitload to learn first if want to create proper user-maps for the new Rune.

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    can you post where it is for download, i would love to play it

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    There´s no download yet, at least for the Volume II -version.
    But until I get that version done you might want to check out the old 10-map release.

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    Thanks Haltyr

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