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    I get the basis behind God Weapons. They need to have a 3-5 kill limit or a timer. As it stands they are severely OP. You can almost 1 or 2 shot people with the 2H sword and the DoT is insane. It give very, very little way to counter play. You can only hope to run away or hope others team up against this person to kill him. If the player with the God Weapon pops berserker though… its game over vs all those people. Maybe have it to where you cant use a berserker rune while holding a God Weapon, while switching to a God Weapon while Berserking will end that state?

    Just some thoughts.

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    I like your suggestion of “not being able to use a God Weapon and Berserker Rune at the same time”.
    However that might not be as trivial of a change as it sounds.
    The combination of unequiping a god weapon, popping a Berserker rune, then re-equipping a god weapon makes that challenging.
    Ya know like what happens if you have a regular weapon, pop a Berserker rune, then get lucky and find a god weapon at that exact moment, should the Berserker turn off? Or if you switch between god weapon and regular weapon while the Berserker rune is active – should it like pulse on and off as you toggle the god weapon on and off?

    All that being said – Berserker + god weapon = very tough to kill.

    But then again, the rune only lasts a short duration so maybe just keep your distance till it cools off.

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