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    Choosing your god alignment is a core feature in Rune. This affects which god guides you through the game, the core of the story you will receive, and your style of gameplay. Your starting character attributes are affected by this choice. You will have to ability to be more proficient with your selected god’s weapon of choice, receive increased protections from that god’s elemental powers, and receive special recipes for unique god armor and weapons.

    Want to be a fierce warrior? Pick Thor. Want to move faster and have more protection from Draugr and Poison? Hel should be your God.

    Your god will also grant blessings from time to time, so choose wisely. And, if you decide you want to align with a different god, you can, but don’t expect your original god to be happy about your decision to switch.

    Current State – 11/10/18

    We’ve significantly improved the god alignment system. Previously, the entire selection process happened before you spawned into the game. Now, you’ll have to start your journey through Ragnarok as a heathen. If you survive the initial quests, you’ll be lead to the Divine Summit, a place of hallowed ground emblazoned with the ancient shrines of Odin, Thor, and Hel. In this sacred space, you’ll pledge to your god, receiving blessings and power in return. We’ve added a short cutscene to the selection process to solidify the connection between you and your god. Vikings who travel to Midgard for the next playtest will experience a “god drop” after alignment and the ability to use the prayer stone for continued blessings throughout your journey.

    Remember warrior, you’ll need to choose wisely. There’s no turning back once your decision has been made. And, the choice you made may anger the gods you ignored.

    Update 10/17/18

    We are currently working on god blessings and god alignment. During prior betas, players were able to select their god before joining the game. Now, you’ll have to brave the initial landscape and prove your worth before aligning to a god. As you progress through the first few quests, you’ll be guided to a mountain peak to pledge your allegiance to Thor, Odin, or Hel. We’ve also introduced preliminary god blessings that you can activate via a prayer stone you’ll acquire on your journey. Stay tuned for video clips of our god blessings.

    Original Post 9/19/18

    Currently, players have the ability to choose a god, which affects your starting character stats. We are working on the rest of the things mentioned above and they will likely come into the beta as they’re completed. We realize that we need the god interaction to be a bigger part of the game and we have been adding in more god dialogue and guidance. Another important part of this is having other players in the servers see more clearly your god alignment from a visual look and we will be working on this as well.

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    Looking forward to the video clips of the God blessings!

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