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    I’m trying to play locally, but every 10-20 minutes the game crashes, and only saves my level, nothing else.
    Played the closed and open beta just fine, without any problems.
    I have the latest graphics drivers (nvidia), and I’m above recommended specs.
    Build 0.0.9L

    Any help is much appreciated 🙂


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    Hello Battlerota, sorry to hear about these issues. Are you getting any crash logs that output to the folder your game application is in? That would be helpful to see. Any other updates are appreciated, thank you. Feel free to join us in the official Discord server as well:

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    Thanks for reaching out. The issue is solved now, it looks like AVG antivirus caused the issue.
    Everything is fine, since I disabled it.
    But if you still interested in the crash logs, I have those, just tell me how to send it to you:)

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    Oops, nevermind, the crash is back, but only on local play. Online seems uneffected.

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