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    Ok this question Is for the devs. I was curious when we pre-order the game on Epic’s Store right… when it comes to steam next year do we get to play it on steam instead since we already bought the game or would we have to buy the game again just to have it on our steam game list…?

    I sure hope it will let us transfer via a Rune 2 account or something.


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    Did the forums die?

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    The Epic Games Store and Steam do not support cross-buy at this time. As such, you would need to re-purchase RUNE II on the Steam store.

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    Well that sucks… I guess I will just be waiting till It comes out on steam next year then.

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    hola,compre el juego el 1/9/2018 en esta pagina web,(pre-order).que dia mandais el codigo?y donde se juega en steam o en epic games.gracias

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      Via Translate.Google.Com:

      Todo el código de precompra para RUNE II se enviará el 12 de noviembre de 2019 o antes. (All pre-purchase code for RUNE II will be sent on or before launch on November 12, 2019.)

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