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    When creating your character in Rune, which god you choose will affect which blessings you might receive. As Chris mentioned in his AMA yesterday, stat-affecting curses are on our wishlist but haven’t been implemented. Do you have any ideas for curses that would be fun in Rune?

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    Wouldn’t it be great fun for Loki’s blessings to be curses in disguise?

    Blessing of insane stamina: You can sprint forever, but cannot stop for, let’s say, two minutes after which you are so exhausted that regenerating stamina takes alot longer than usual

    Blessing of thundering: Increased attack damage comes with the downside of your voice becoming incredibly loud, so with every swings “wraagh!” you pull every mob in the vicinity

    Blessing of awesome leaps: You can jump 10 times as high but take twice the fall damage

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      Yeah, I really like the idea of ‘un-blessings’! Good point, LOPT.

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    Cursed Weapon-luck

    Your Fate has been re-woven in a way that your blows rarely strike true, and your weapons break suddenly much more often. It can be from you angling your blow wrong due to slippery ground, or happen to use a weapon with bad spots in the steel, or any number of other reasons. Whatever the reasons, it causes your blows to do less damage than they should, and weapons to break when they find themselves in your hands. (Attacks do less damage and weapons break much more quickly, maybe even with a % chance to break on each attack regardless what the durability is.)


    Curse of Straying

    You are beset by doubts whenever you need to find your way. You never are certain which way is north, and your thoughts are muddled when you try to recall where places are. (The compass is blocked out, and the map is rendered useless.)


    Cursed Treasure-luck

    You rarely find treasure in chests. It seems others have always found them before you and taken all things of good value, and only left the near worthless things for you to find. If any. (You often find empty chests, or ones with very poor loot.)


    Curse of Byrnie-gap

    Your Fate has been re-woven is such a way that enemy weapons often find the gaps in your armor, whether it be through their skill or merely chance. (There’s a significant % chance of enemy attacks ignoring your armor value.)


    Just a few I thought up. I’ll try to come up with some more creative and fun ones in addition.

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    Well, only remembered pretty standard stuff, like:

    The decreased visibility – already included in game, in form of weather effects.

    Slowdown – side effect of frost damage.

    Phantom enemies – possible effect of poisoning or hallucination.

    Dishonored souls – The enemies you defeated rise once again as skeletons.

    Maybe these:

    Acid rain – decreases durability of metal weapons, shields and armour.

    Magnet – if your opponent blocks your attack, your weapon will stick, binding you together for some time. Meanwhile he can attack you and his allies are able to attack you from behind. To break the curse try to kick your enemy or press throw key to let go of your weapon.

    Also heres a thing I actually copied this from the old SP mod for Unreal tournament 'Operation Na-pali'. Theres some secret level with funny pill which reverts your controls, so W=backpedal, attack=defend, jump=crouch etc.




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    A lot of awesome suggestions, everyone! Thanks for the responses 😀 Keep ’em coming if you got ’em!

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    Wrath of nature – every animal you try to tame or capture knocks you and runs away, or attacks.

    Old one-eyed – half of the screen blurs heavily.

    Clumsy hands – throwables may explode just as you launched them, plus the crosshair for throwing is disabled. (Maybe add this as side effect of frostbite too?)

    Vegan curse – you’ll vomit if you try to eat a lizard, fish, roasted meat or drink an alcoholic beverage. Mend your ways, Viking, preserve the wildlife.😁

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    Curse of low attention – Detection (backlight) radius for pickups and hidden traps is decreased.

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    The curses should also differ in strength or duration, based on the quest level possibly. And it might be cool if some curses would expire by themselves, other would stick to you so you`ll gradually overpower them by receiving god favor.

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    Thanks, Painka! We’d love to add curses eventually, these suggestions are appreciated.

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    Lost in a broad daylight – this curse will draw you to the place where it hit you. It will drain your stamina and slow down the movements you perform in the escape direction. Breaking the curse is easy – just stay motionless in the area of its effect and it will wear off, the closer you are to the point the faster it will vanish. But remember – the point is invisible so youll need to detect it by yourself and beware of enemies, moving around increases the curse duration. Trying to fight and escape simultaneously is hard, but if you succeed at one of these tasks youll get a reward, if you pull off both of them, you`ll get bigger reward. So decide which way of breaking the curse suits you better.

    Trickety-trick – refers to the Loki maze from the old Rune. Will teleport you if you walk in a wrong direction. Works better in enclosed buildings, but it would be awesome if you designed it for open areas too.

    Alchemy – the contents of your bombs swap randomly. They may turn into another type of bomb or be filled with water or oil or other innocent liquid.

    DY5LЁ}{|a – you forget some of the runes, so you cannot correctly read any written message. The letters and words are often lost or swapped or replaced with some nonsensical stuff. Greatly reduces your info on quests, you have troubles in finding particular places and putting marks on your map, you hardly remember what to look for and what to do with it. This curse doesn`t work if you go in quest in a group, implying someone read the tasks aloud to you, but all the rewards are obviously will be shared.

    Bird of day/bird of night – your eyesight is decreased during the night/day respectively

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    Perhaps we could see the Blood Eagle ritual performed?  Curse and death by Blood Eagle in game would be cool!

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    This post will go into blessings and other things than curses too, but I guess it’s still relevant enough to the topic that I can post it here rather than create a new thread for it.


    We’ve been talking about curses, and on the Discord we’ve talked a bit about changing the level up-effect to be different based on god, and also to have a good version when your god is pleased with you, and a bad one for when the divinity you follow is displeased with you.

    So I thought why not have your god put curses on you if you piss them off enough?

    But then I thought, how would you piss off your god? I came up with some ideas for how this could work, and I apologize if it’s a bit sloppy and unstructured. (It’s late…)

    Say you gain more favor with your god the closer you emulate them. So you gain the most favor with Thor by charging heroically into battle and engaging in melee. You gain more if you use hammer type weapons. Then he’s pleased with you and when you level up you get a nice level up effect and maybe he throws a slight blessing your way as a buff lasting for X minutes after leveling up.

    But doing things Thor DOESN’T approve of, like using bows, explosives, relying heavily on rune use, attacking enemies from behind and using poison and so on…. that would naturally make him annoyed and likely chide you, and if you displease him enough, when you then level up, you get the bad effect where he hits you with a lightning strike, and instead gives you a DEbuff, lasting X amount of minutes, A curse.

    Basically I’m thinking that if you keep displeasing your god by playing a totally different playstyle than they promote, then eventually they’ll get pissed and start piling the curses on you, and at a certain point they become permanent, until you mend your ways and start pleasing your god instead. Then they will remove the curses.

    So I’m thinking, if you use curses like my suggestions further up as examples, and you keep piling them up and stacking them on a character… you get something very much like some kind of Hardcore-mode. So if you want to play a Hardcore mode… pick the god that supports the exact opposite of the playstyle you will have for that character. You get angry banter and scolding from your god, more and more severe curses, and it could just be a very interesting playthrough. Add an achievement for completing a playthrough that way, with a certain amount of curses active, and name it “God Damn Hardcore” or something.

    This also made me think about what would please and displease the different gods. I don’t know how hard these things would be to implement, but here are some initial, undeveloped ideas;



    Odin is well known for seeking to gain knowledge at any cost. He loves the fury of battle, and is well versed in mystical arts. I see Odin as the most flexible god, and the most difficult to displease properly, as he’s a “by any means” -kinda guy. I think to gain favor with him you need to find as many Lore Stones as possible, which mirrors his desire for knowledge. Say that at each given level you need to have found X amount of Lore Stones to make sure to stay on his good side. Say that by level 5 you should have found 10 Lore Stones, and by level 6 you should have found 12. If you find 12 Lore Stones already by level 3, you then don’t have to find any more until level 7. Just to make sure you can’t run out of Lore Stones by finding them too quickly. If you don’t bother with the Lore Stones, he’ll get more and more displeased the more you fall behind what you SHOULD have at any given level.

    Odin also doesn’t really care how you achieve your quest, so you’re free to use any weapon or tactic, though being truly devout and using spears will get you a bit more favor. He just likes to see you slay your foes, gather knowledge and fulfill your quest. Therefore I think he’d be a good fit for completionists and beginners and for a first playthrough.



    Basically what I said above. Rush into battle using melee, and especially hammers for a slightly bigger favor bonus. He particularly loves to see you kill giants. Don’t skulk around, backstab, poison or use bows, as those are a coward’s way. He will get really pissed off if you kill neutral villager npc’s, as he’s the protector of the common man.



    Freya prefers a more graceful approach, so even though she won’t be angered by you going melee, you won’t gain favor with her. She prefers to see you use the bow. She’s also skilled in magic, so she looks favorably on those who utilize runes. Being a goddess of love and fertility and so on, I suppose she’s not impressed by mindless slaughter, and killing neutral npc’s of any kind (if there are any other than humans) will anger her greatly.



    Hel, being the goddess of death, simply wants you to send as many living creatures to her realm as possible. That is all that matters. Make sure to kill everything you come across that’s alive. She particularly enjoys when you kill followers of Freya, as they’re pretty much opposites. Of course, using an axe, as befitting an executioner, gains you a bit of an extra bonus. Just be aware not to kill too many of her draugar. A few might be fine when needed, but if you go on a spree killing hordes of her draugar, she will get pissed.



    Loki likes anything but a fair fight. He particularly enjoys seeing his followers use poison and explosive flasks. He also enjoys when his followers attack someone who’s already fighting someone else. More than anything he enjoys the death of Odin’s followers, as his hate for his former blood brother knows no bounds. He gets very angry if you use a spear, as that reminds him of the hated Odin.



    So yeah… just wanted to share these thoughts. 😛

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    Thanks, everyone! Got some cool ideas here 😀

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    Hey all.

    So another bunch of ideas is not about the curses themselves, but your possible reactions. I find it interesting if you could grant some reward, extra favor maybe, if you struggle against curses intentionaly, rather passively waiting for them to wear off or escaping.

    Just as I described before in this thread you can actually overpower some curses if you wish. For example, break away from the place which draws you in. Or, as we seen already if some god is angry and bombs you with meteors, you can try to escape of course. But if youre a daredevil type you can try to hit them with thrown weapons and actually break a meteor in the air. Then the meteors explode to shrapnel on contact with the ground, so its time to raise your shield or whatever you got in your hands and block the shards from all the incoming directions. Your weapons and shields will be damaged or probably lost, but that`s the price you have to pay for the additional favor and you spare your health as well.

    Another thing – all the curses that affect your senses in any way may be overpowered. Try to rely on other senses and successfully hit an enemy if you`re blind or deaf at the moment.

    The earthquake curse (just thought it up) – the ground trembles beneath your feet, messing with your controls, draining your stamina as you try to  stay on feet and can knock you down too. As always, you can wait or try to grasp some heavy object or hug a tree to reduce its effect. But the other way is constantly move, dodge and jump to keep away from the ground as possible. If you succeed, you`ll receive way less damage and lose less stamina. Plus it kinda looks as mockery dance you perform to the wrath of some god.

    The low gravity curse (another recent idea). You float with very little air control, which makes you an easy target – theres not much you can offer to the evil destiny. Just block the attacks, or perhaps try to bomb your foes or throw something at them, but the gravity affects these objects too, so its much harder to hit.

    The various luck curses or random-involving tricks. Dunno what an average viking warrior can counter against bad luck. Maybe pay a ransom or make a sacrifice?

    So that`s it. Talk to you soon.

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    Hey, Hertig.

    I definitely agree with the point that gods should have their expectations on your actions and encourage you to act as they wish by giving more or less favor. I previously described pretty close mechanics here  /topic/rune-pantheon-part-i/#post-4687

    But the idea of getting curses from your god looks kinda odd to me. Their goal is to end Ragnarok in any possible way, so why putting their Hero (or one of many heroes) to additional risk? Maybe warnings or some lighter curses are enough, but the real de-buff of your stats may cause some frustration among the players. If well have curses just for playing not the way the AI wants it means the game is forcing and restricting you. Say, if I pledged to Thor, then Im obligated to run through the whole game playing aggressively? What happens if I want to try another playstyle? Or contrariwise, I tend to play in a specific style (Aggressive, cautious/stealthy, tactical, manipulative or whatever) and I want to play for other gods, they all will be displeased and it will mean more artificial difficulties?

    If you played Deus Ex: Human revolution you might remember lots of people complaining about boss fights. Those who chose stealth style, picked up appropriate gear and invested in stealth abilities suddenly found out they must fight some human tank. Directly. Personally. In the open. With all their little firepower. They were not too pleased I guess. But the thing I liked about the DXHR is the way you receive XP for dealing with enemies – kill an enemy=10XP, headshot +10XP, non-lethal +10 XP, non-lethal headshot +20, close combat +50, close combat non-lethal +80 and so on. Hope to see the similar method in new Rune too.

    Cheers. Hope this message isn`t very confusing.

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    Good point, Painka. Was a bit tired when I wrote it so I admit I didn’t look at it from every angle. As someone who hated the boss fights in HR I know exactly what you mean.

    I guess it would be enough with having your god scold you and have some funny angry lines for when you play in a way not to their liking. And simply get “not optimal” amounts of favor that way. And maybe have the funny level-up effect showing your god is somewhat displeased.

    Curses would make sense to be placed on you by other gods. Or even powerful NPC’s.

    Actually, having a curse placed on you for looting an old barrow would be pretty cool.

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    Curse of the Highlander : You can kill Humanoid enemies only by decapitation and same goes for you.

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