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    So we know there were plans for more ages, but there could also be variations for the current ones. I have made a little list of the ones I have ideas for. So Every AGE would have some SEASONS, so when you get into a specific AGE the system would also choose a SEASON for that AGE:
    AGE of NIGHT

    • Lunar Season: The same as it is currently in the game, a brighter night, the moon is up, skeletons, all that the same. So it is the current AGE OF NIGHT, but different name.

    • Black Season or Dark Season: Pitch black night, similar to the one the game had back on the dev-stream called RUNE II Devstream 8: Crank itup to 11. Using torches would be fundamental here. Those bright deers/animals would be also nice to have here.

    possible negative effects:
    – below minimal vision, using torch/fire is fundamental.

    possible positive effects:
    – enemies also have hard time to spot you than normally.

    AGE of FIRE

    • Scorching Season: Everything gets on fire easily, forests burn, Fire Dragons are agressive the most here, no snow on the ground.

    possible negative effects:
    – many fire immune enemies,
    – agressive Fire Dragons being more actively dangerous to their surroudings,
    – less trees to be found as they are mostly burnt, worthless resources.
    – after this season your rebuilt houses gets damaged, they will need to be repaired.

    possible positive effects:
    – as usual, frost weapons are more handy here than ever

    • Melting Season: Some snowy territories/ current AGE of FIRE

    • Dry Season or Season of Thirst: Water level descented, some places even totally dried out ocean, new walkable locations between the known islands – possibilities for deep, more vertical caves, new enemies.

    possible negative effects:
    – driness making you parched (not necessary), in need for drinkable consumables (mead), eating too much cooked food would hurt you.
    – burnt forests, useless resources, small amount of wood.

    possible positive effects:
    – drinking mead will heal you more than in other ages

    AGE of FIRE – dry season – new walkable locations

    AGE of WATER

    • Flood Season: portion of known islands under water, previously not accessible places now can be accessible (like higher places, that couldn’t be climbed to) in exchange for previously accessible places, locations, territories. WATERWORLD life: bandits on water, shipbattles, sea monsters etc., bandits on cliffs shooting at you with arrows, spears. Perfect age for the crabs even, and for the RUNE 1 medusa-like water creatures.

    possible positive effects:
    – water is not that freezing as in other ages

    possible negative effects:
    – rebuilt houses will be damaged after this Season/Age, they will need to be repaired
    – dangerous animals, creatures in the water

    Flood season illustration/sketch

    AGE of WATER – flood season – rebuildables

    RUNE classic medusa

    RUNE 1 – CRABs

    • Damp Season: Constant raining, storms, slippery cliffs, abundant of lizards. Really foggy, it’s just has that constant „snot weather”.

    possible negative effects:
    – fire weapons making less damage.
    – slippery cliffs, slopes

    possible positive effects:
    – frost weapons/attacks can make higher damage.
    – many lizards
    – probably other edible little animals




    AGE of WAR and CHAOS

    AGE of FROST

    • White Season: a little more wetness, snowy,snowstorms,fogs/mists,less chance for freezing, it’s a warmer season for the Age of Frost. Possible YETIs, probably more sleepy than in Glacial Season, but only found in their caves, hiding places.

    possible negative effects:
    – minimal visual orientation

    possible positive effects:
    – less chance for freezing than in other colder seasons

    • Glacial Season: mostly ICE everywhere, even the water has ICE surface on many places around the world. Clearer weather, but dry, more direct, deadlier cold. YETIs (RUNE I), ICE/FROST JOTUNs, frost warriors (similar to those fire warriors in AGE OF FIRE).

    possible negative effects:
    – high chance for freezing
    – slippery ICE surfaces

    possible positive effects:
    – much better visual orientation
    – fire weapons doing more damage than normally would
    – cooked food can give you more HP/SP than normally.

    RUNE 1 – YETI

    You know the game needs some yeti


    AGE of NORMAL – accessibility

    AGE of NORMAL – accessibilities in the current Ages

    AGE of WATER – flood season – accessibility

    AGE of WATER – Flood season – Higher places, that were unreachable in normal Ages now are accessible.

    AGE of FIRE – dry season – accessibility

    AGE of FIRE – Dry season – Most of the water is gone, the world dried out, places that were under water in most of the Ages now are accessible: caves, dungeons, you name it.

    – More need for resources, and to store your resources, to use them a bit more (for example for repairs)
    – More locations to explore, more locations for the system to place artifacts on (DRY season and Flood season)
    – Locations that can’t be reached any time
    – adding to the whole replayability of the game, making it more colorful (gameplay-vise and also visually)
    – Whatever new, extra AGEs you wanted to add in post-launch would make this whole AGE MECHANIC, with the SEASON extra mechanic really rich and fun.

    – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – –

    I know there were plans with the dragons, I guess it was cut from the game for financial reasons, but would be good if you would find a way to implement those plans back in the game;
    (1) like let the dragons sometimes blow a huge wall of fire on the ground while you are exploring, fighting.
    (2) make them come down to the ground and fight you (Skyrim style).
    (3) make them eat some of the enemies randomly, flying close to the ground, and just bite some head off.
    (4) Fire dragons, Ice Dragons, probably Age exclusive.

    • Make the WATERWORLD more living:
    (2) Water serpents, Lochness-like creatures, or bring those medusa-like water creatures from RUNE 1 who had that pulse-defense mechanism

    RUNE classic medusa

    (2) bandits sailing around, attacking your ship.
    (3) random bandit camps on the cliffs close to the water, shooting arrows, throwing spears, or grenades at you while you rowing on the water
    (4) cosmetic: some water animallife would also be good
    • CRABS… I just repeat myself about this, but crabs for the dark dungeons, caves. If there were abundant of them in RUNE 1 around the world then they should be here also. (AGE OF WATER would be fitting to their appearance, especially in caves)

    • Bring YETIs too to the game – could be exclusive creatures for the Age of Frost even.

    • JOTUN! There was a JOTUN Rune for the alpha version, bring that back, polish the mechanic, it is a fun, and refreshing thing to use. They would be also useful to pick up those random huge weapons/items that are laying around the world of RUNE II. These could be rare runes, even for crafting these would require JOTUN blood.

    • Bring FENRIR back on the table.

    • There are some places, holes in walls that ask for an option to crouch with your character. I think you should implement that, but that was asked for many times by many others before so I’m not stressing it more now. So CROUCHING is really needed.

    • Rebuildables shouldn’t be buildabe while you are in battle, fighting.

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    Just in case I have uploaded the whole writing in a nicer form (without the images), it is better to read that way.


    PAGE 1


    PAGE 2


    PAGE 3


    PAGE 4

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    Nice work on this post, and some good ideas there. I reckon it might be pretty ambitious though. Lowering the water level alone would be a huge workload as new landmasses would have to be created from scratch. There is currently no land at all connecting the various islands, as I recall.

    The general idea of having variations within each age is good though.

    Needless to say, I still maintain that doing away with the cyclical Age mechanic would be a good idea, and having the current Ages show up as Curses instead.

    Think about it. The world is supposed to be locked in a neverending age of Ragnarök. Why would time still move through a cycle of ages? It would make more sense for it to be static, locked in a dark, threatening age with the sky always appearing off somehow, like a layer of ash in the atmosphere tints it an apocalyptic hue and darkens the sun.

    Have Curses descend upon the world, dynamic as weather, coming and going. And they can happen either globally or localized, similar to a Loki zone.

    I 100% believe that system would enhance the game a lot more.

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    Well, the world definitely needs to be bigger, somehow they have to solve the limited explorable terrotiry issue; either with more caves, dungeons, or adding extra islands. But the latter couldn’t be done that many times, could break easily the whole waterworld around MIDGARD, so only moderately could be done. So occasionally taking off the water could work, and also would fit to the whole AGE MECHANIC, which I know is not really in your liking.

    I just got an idea about implementing RUNESTONES (added to the LOKI FIGHT post) through which you could teleport to another, isolated areas, locations, similarly to the RUNE 1 narrative where CONRACK could teleport himself and his warriors to your homeland. These RUNESTONES would be on different places in MIDGARD, and maybe their position could change in different AGEs etc.. This would also give some motivation for the moders to give their own creations to this whole gameplay.

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    Adding more land is still the same issue. It’s a big workload and will take a lot of resources.

    I don’t think it’s something that will help the game currently. Hence why I suggest using what’s already IN the game as much as possible to reshape and polish the game, rather than adding new things. To try and keep costs down.

    I think rather than simply adding more explorable surface, a focus should instead be on polishing the islands that are already there to make them more interesting. I guess adding depth would be a good way to put it.

    If budget would allow it, adding things like explorable caves, ruins, or tall ruined towers to the existing islands would be a better use of resources than adding more shallow islands. Well designed “dungeon”-experiences that are challenging to work through.

    I think this would also be a good substitute for your idea about portal runestones.

    By the way, the idea about portals that transport you to separate, contained levels is good. But as I said, I’d rather see focus on existing islands before adding new areas. Unless said new areas are part of the existing islands, such as -as mentioned- caves, ruins etc.

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    Well, of course, I also don’t want to add more “shallow islands”. I will not talk about budget as we have no idea about it, and I don’t think that’s our business either. That’s the devteam’s business, and should be like that. But I understand your perspective.

    The current ones ain’t that bad overall, just the gameplay should be ballanced out in order to give purpose to explore and that these islands have something to offer to the player instead of some rock resources, and trees that are totally useless late-game.

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    And most of these ideas I have written are based on things that were either already planned or talked about on dev-streams (dragons, more AGEs for example), most of these I have written are just tweakings of the current mechanics, more-or-so. So the only extra resource demanding thing here is a FLOOD SEASON and the DRY SEASON probably. I don’t mind if they won’t execute these at the end, but giving insight about our ideal gameplay based on this RUNE II we have now should be useful to the devs, because having limited vision/dreams would also hurt the whole development.

    I also understand that at first it would be nice to have:
    – (1) better COMBAT SYSTEM,
    – (2) better A.I.
    – (3) more fleshed out storytelling, narrative
    – (4) polished aRPG gameplay (loot and invenotry system, itemization)

    – and then anything else

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