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    These ideas of mine were already posted on other posts but I put them together, and added images as illustrations:

    • There is still issue with managing what you pick up from the ground, this is frustrating especialy when there are abundant of items layering each other and its impossible to sort out which one your character picks up.

    Suggestion: I would suggest to have a button (just like in Diablo, when you push ALT you will see all the item names on the screen) and by holding that button you can pick up any item you want with your cursor. It might slow down things, but this would be a mechanic that works mostly outside battles, in idle situations. It’s nice to see that there are different item-colors like white-yellow items, that’s a good start, it might need more depth on that territory with more color-coding. different colors for different type of items/gears (again, like in diablo, white for normal items, blue for magical, yellow for legendary items) etc. there are some ways to go further on this.

    • Issue: When you craft items at any crafting station (fireplace, anvil etc.) and you want to create many consumables, while your inventory gets full your crafted items fall on the ground. Countless items on the ground layering each other near the crafting station makes them unpickable, as the game mostly recognizes the crafting station, so when you want to pick up your dropped items you can’t because it always wants to activate the crafting system.

    (1) Above I suggested that you could make a „Diablo-like loot highlighting system”; there could be a button just for to highlight all the dropped items on screen and with your cursor you could pick up whatever item you want.
    (2) Make the crafting station activation and the item pick up work with different Button; for example „E” is for activating the crafting station and „F” for picking up things.

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    Image 01 – Here you can see that the crafting station and the pickable item is highlighted at the same time, as they are binded to two different keys: E and F

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    Image 02 – Here the player is Holding the key that highlitghts all the loot names that are on the ground, the cursor appears

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    Image 03 – With the cursor you can choose which Item you want to pick up, and it will highlight like this, with the white line on the bracket.

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    Image 04 – Same as the previous action, but with the image of the item.

    • There are just too much resources right away in the begining of the game, the inventory easily gets full, the game easily gives away every item right into your face: There are item bags on poles, loots on water, barrels, boxes almost always behold some items/resources too, every enemy gives you abundant of items, chests everywhere…

    Suggestion: I think toning down the item drops would smooth things, so people should have to fight for the resources/items more, give some challenge for them, it needs to be ballanced. (Many others on forums also suggest to tone down the droprating)

    P.S.: I believe it is fantasticly good idea to implement some arpg things into this game. It just needs to be thought out better, ballanced for a fast paced gameplay. Actually, that’s what has to be decided: When the game wants to be fast paced and when it doesn’t. Is there a healthy middle solution? That must be figured out by the devs. I love the idea of having items with stats, but I also love challenges; working hard for a really special item, not thrown at my face randomly walking around the world. I also want to see a difference between when I’m using a normal item and a magical item, to see that these plus stats really mean something, and not just for couple of minutes, and replace my weapons every 2 minutes not having any connection to any item. Currently the stats feel mostly negligible, they don’t add too much to your gameplay, they are just… there. Make them more significant, stand out better.

    – Tone down the drop rate of every item, whether normal items, resources, magical, legendary, all gotta be toned down, so people would feel more rewarding finding any item, and that they wouldn’t have to mess with their inventory being full every five minutes.

    – Make more legendary items that can be found around the world, but of course make them RARE, very-very-very RARE.

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    +1, we need also options to sort things better in the inventory

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    – After 13 hours of gameplay now I gotta say I’m liking the whole iteamization of the game as I dig into the game more and more. Only at the level of 20 I realized that it is handly to watch your stat change whenever you replace an item on you, this really becomes fundamental in later game, somehow this wasn’t so in the early game.

    – Crafting items is also a handy thing to do, how it throws a crafted item with random stats into your inventory. I might prefer making these items more resource demanding to not make them so easily accessible to craft though.

    – The Overall itemdrop still needs to be toned down, this whole Inventory getting full should be smoothed out. (many people suggested besides me)

    – AUTO EQUIP: make it non-auto (probably everyone wants that)

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