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    Warrior, come with us on the journey to Early Access. Over the course of the last few weeks, we’ve changed up the road map and added new features and systems to the game. So far, beta testers have seen:

    Shield-Maidens: Our fearsome female player character has finally made it to battle. Similarly to the male player character, she has unique, customizable hairstyles and tattoos. All of her armor, weapons, Rune powers, and god alignment benefits will be the same as the male character, albeit fitted for her.

    God Alignment: We’ve significantly improved the god alignment system. Previously, the entire selection process happened before you spawned into the game. Now, you’ll have to start your journey through Ragnarok as a heathen. If you survive the initial quests, you’ll be lead to the Divine Summit, a place of hallowed ground emblazoned with the ancient shrines of Odin, Thor, and Hel. In this sacred space, you’ll pledge to your god, receiving blessings and power in return. Choose wisely warrior, there’s no turning back once your decision has been made. And, the choice you made may anger the gods you ignored.

    Ragnarok Timer: The mysterious Ragnarok timer has been moved up to the “In Development” section of the road map. As the timer counts down, the already chaotic world will become even more unsafe. Once the timer hits zero, Loki’s dark magic forces a world-altering event that may have unexpected impacts on Midgard. We have the technical elements of the Timer and ramifications fully functional. The team is focusing on additional gameplay elements and polishing the feature. We will reveal more in the coming weeks.

    Rebuildables: Protect yourself from vicious AI and bring order to Midgard by rebuilding structures throughout the world. Contributing resources to partially built structures will restore them to their completed states and provide shelter while you craft new items, arrange your inventory, and cook food. As we get closer to Early Access this Winter, expect to see more diverse buildings with the ability to take ownership for yourself and your god. If you claim enough rebuildables in a single area, your god will be empowered and bless the area for all who pledge to them. We have a lot of ideas for future buildings, providing useful abilities for you as you seek to rebuild villages and towns. Just a quick taste: forges, smelters, shrines to your god, and even a meadery.

    Combat: Brutal combat is an essential part of any Viking experience. We’re continuing to tweak and polish the combat system. We’ve worked on AI improvements, making them more dangerous, more intelligent, and giving AI many more abilities. We’ve improved the feel of combat when striking enemies, improved dodge functionality, and tweaked enemy pain/stuns. A small, but powerful addition that has been requested a lot: you can finally easily sheath your current weapon with its associated hotkey.

    The November 10 & 13 playtests are going to highlight all of the areas shown here. It’s not too late to get in on the action. The Closed Beta Program is still open and limited keys are available. Sign up now and get access to every playtest happening until the game hits Early Access this Winter. See you in Midgard, warrior.

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